One Love, I AM

mirrors on pathI AM awash in the energies of this New Light – I AM witnessing the effects of this first wave of 2015 as it ripples out into my experiences and demands a new level of presence, participation and consciousness – and I AM stronger in my resolve to live lightly upon the earth, deeply in my devotion and fully in my experience of an evolving HUman being in an evolving world.

Equally so, I feel the energies and intention within the next New HUman webcast this Saturday building as this latest wave of activity and information anchors into the Earth grid. Join in community with like minds and hearts for the newest transmission of the New Human on the 17th @ 11:11am eastern. This promises to be a very full and illuminating webcast as we lay the foundation for a new story, a new human and a new society.

The New Human – Live transmission – Saturday 1/17 – 11:11am Eastern on DeAnne Live

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2 comments on “One Love, I AM
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday…how about tomorrow? Lol

  2. Karen says:

    One Love I AM ((((((((+))))))))

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