Accepting Change

1604785_10152808215242731_140926794811359375_nThis reiki symbol integrates new energy and higher frequencies into the body. It helps balance the chakras when drawn from crown to root. It also helps one be more open to accepting of change.

I love this and found it fascinating. We have been introducing mudras into our New Human transmissions and intention – and symbols are such a powerful way to disarm the mind. Reiki symbols are meant to be drawn or visualized. Imagine using this simple image as an attunement of connection to the metaphysical energies it represents! In addition to “pen to paper” – spend some time “drawing” the energy of this symbol into your physical vessel – starting with the head and following the symbol down through the torso, out into the “limbs” of your being and ending with a spiral in your root chakra. As always, begin and end with intention and you will feel the magical benefits of simple symbolism in working with reiki energy! ♥

I accept change, I welcome change, I love change, I embrace change, I allow change,
I AM change!

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3 comments on “Accepting Change
  1. Karen says:

    I love drawing symbols in the air/in the spacious infinite. I will embrace this sacred reiki symbol with loving gratitude, thank you Beloved <3

    • DeAnne says:

      symbols are important to our remembrance Karen – much more than we realize I am sure. This one does feel special to me – anytime we engage spiral energy we are transported and transformed! xo

  2. Kathleen says:

    Glad this came across my feed this morning. I really like the symbol, feels good to draw it throught the body. I may have already shared this one with you. When I was on a roller coaster ride of change I wrote this one. Short and sweet. Unexpected Benevolent Change Is Here To Stay. It’s a real perception shifter. I appreciate you DeAnne.

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