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image(2)Blessings Beloved Tribe of New HUman Light!

I am sure you would all agree that everyday of 2015, thus far, feels like an acceleration. We are incredibly blessed to be experiencing an amplification of the merge with these higher, positive timelines of Ascension. Remember the image shared in the January 1st, webcast from the Shining Ones? – the Earth at the center of a radius of incoming rays of new light, new wisdom, data streams and co-creative intelligences seeking new partnerships with Divine Humans inhabiting Earth at this time. The pineal activity continues to be quite amplified as Golden DNA spirals take up new residence on our planet and within this humanity. Throughout this year we can expect to have opportunity upon opportunity to break free from old story and merge with a new level of our own Divinity, our power to create and serve and transform and transcend and our ability to love beyond the illusion of fear in our lives and in our world. No one is abandoned, exempt or in any way limited from the fullness of this invitation

The second gateway of January will be this weekend, January 23-25. To merge fully with this New Light, the Shining Ones emphasize that we are no longer waiting for certain circumstances to be different or the change of some outward scenario that would appease the resistances of the persona we identify with. This is about ascending human and its relationship to power! There is no waiting – Divine Life and Divine Choice and Divine Alignment with this New HUman story is right here, right now. If you have chosen to engage and find harmony with the Higher Ascension timeline, then your work is to consciously, deliberately, fearlessly and even selflessly experience the unknown, throw yourself into the unknown and begin creating pathways, lei lines of service for others to follow. Remembering that the “following” attracts first into your energy more so than what you do – we must consciously choose and re-choose to walk through these gateways first via agreeing to leave the density in our old story behind, as a completed chapter.

These accelerations and gateways, the purpose of this Divine Merge with our Divine aspects, is toward an earth experience of Unity Consciousness. We must be willing to love enough and surrender enough and expand enough to allow all that is not the truest expression of Unity to fall away. We are not moving to a new space of vibration where everything will be different. We are becoming a new being via Divine Choice, right NOW and thus transforming the space in which we currently reside. Not my will but thine, not of me but through me, not for my life but for the many. This is the prayer of Unity Consciousness. This is the action piece of Divine Choice. May this gateway inspire you to get out and join your light with reality and humanity in a new way.

As powerful as these waves and our experiences have been in these past few weeks, we are set to receive energies to anchor us into the Spring Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. Indeed, something is building, urging us into new expression and connection and devotion and reflections of chosen life. You may feel the sensation of being pulled up, into and through a swirling portal becoming more intense and consistent!

A few guidelines for this weekend and onward through March: State and use your intention every day – many times a day. Never have I felt more intimate and in unified alignment with the intention that came to me at the beginning of this year. I feel a strong resolve around bringing that intention to fruition and not accepting anything less, either from the outer reality or my Self! So, set your intention and build your meditations around personal expression, maximum opening of cellular structure ( be impeccable with your new human diet, even fasting for optimal absorption and alignment), visualize and connect with the crystal grids, with the solar light teams and of course, the Shining Ones. This is a crystallized moment of Divine Choice, granting to you what you are ready to be in order to be of the highest light and service to all of humanity and planet at this time. Pray to the Light of who you are for the Highest orders of Divine consciousness to provide stability, strength, and an amplification of Divine New HUuman Ascension.

Together, we are One. Let us join our high minds and hearts together to create the vision of what can and will be. Now is the only moment and it is everything we could imagine or wish it to be.

Light of Peace, Loving Oneness,


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5 comments on “Own Your Desire
  1. Karen says:

    *** for the good of all *** Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

  2. Kathleen says:


  3. GOLDEN blessings from the shining ones…. i have been seeing two golden balls of orbs everytime i am in the sunlight , is this the shining ones? ….

    • DeAnne says:

      could be William – I think this alignment is no accident – people will see them differently depending on personal vibration but the common element is what you FEEL in the connection… really pure frequency of unconditional love, powerful love, calling you to a new level and clarity of Self.♥ golden blessings right back to you!

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