Finding The Divine

I looked in temples, churches & mosques. I found the Divine within my Heart. ~Rumi

945783_10151843831248388_1697125795_nI woke up this morning to a lot of snow – and admittedly, I am pretty sure my first thought was about whether or not I would be able to get off the mountain! I am not a big fan of driving down steep hills on snow! 🙂 After I had faced that fear and made it into town for yoga – the world of synchronicity winked at me when Joe, the yoga instructor, proceeded to tell us that the theme of the practice that day was finding beauty. He shared that when he woke up he had almost missed it – the beauty of the snow – before the thought jumped in that he might not be able to make it to class!!

He then invited us to think about how much beauty there is in life  – and not just the grand expressions such as a beautiful snowfall or a majestic mountain… but your child’s face or the devotion of a pet or the way the sun comes in and fills up the kitchen every morning. And what came to me as I walked a snowy trail with Bodhi and the Shining Ones this afternoon, is that perhaps the more conscious and aware we become, the more we recognize just how beautiful everything is right where we are, in each moment.

We may not all get to go hang our feet off the side of forever~ but increasingly so, as newly emerging and conscious humans, we can bring greater appreciation to the incredible gift of life that surrounds us and the ongoing opportunity we have to find beauty and thus, God in the most ordinary of circumstances. ♥


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One comment on “Finding The Divine
  1. Karen says:

    I hope to keep choosing the beauty of who I AM & thus the world I co-create….Blessed BE.

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