New Beginnings


The Light and those who carry its power and guidance is awakening as a new wisdom upon this beautiful blue planet. Though the seers and visionaries alike must live with questions that cannot yet be answered, it is through love and a resolute trust in LIFE, that real answers emerge and humanity is able to embrace and embody those answers in a new way.

We must now see with new eyes… hear and embody the resonate frequency of a new world emerging that comes to us from the infinity of our star origins. This is not an ending but a new beginning for planet earth and her inhabitants. The need for new education and understanding is not about our brilliant minds, but our vast and superior capacity to love, to feel, to act intelligently and to embrace this reality as the greatest potential ever gifted to a species. There are many realms, realities, dimensions and species relying upon us, the HUmankind of planet earth, to rise above our own mundane creations to a new order of being; one that reflects a very sacred, infinite and omniscient divinity.

The New Human, Devoted, Daring, Crystalline DNA, Free

I will be talking about the new Crystalline DNA next Tuesday on @8pm
mark your calendars now – we would love to have you join in the energy and love! ♥

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One comment on “New Beginnings
  1. Karen says:

    I AM a Wise Woman Warrior……..for the Light of Love. I now REalise how privileged I AM to carry this magnificent sword of Divine Feminine Power. I AM honoured to serve & I will keep surrendering to my Higher purpose & passion of living a life fulfilled & free……..for the good of all…..Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

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