A New Era Of Life

imageThe entry point into Christhood is in each moment… there are no credits to be earned – it’s right here, right now. And you enter when you unequivocally declare that you and everything you know and don’t know is Divine. Right here, right now, only light, only love… the New Human.

You are invited to join in some engaging, thought-provoking discussion 2 times this week with a growing community of new humans who are remembering, expanding, shifting into new expression and embracing a new energy of life!

Let us venture forth together…

The New Human – transmissions of a New Consciousness
February 3, 8pm eastern on youawakening.com
February 8, 11:11am eastern deannehampton.com


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4 comments on “A New Era Of Life
  1. Sharanne says:

    DeAnne, the transmissions of the Shining Ones on the webcast “You Awakening.com were so powerfully loving and uplifting. I felt the higher frequency through everything you said. I feel like you sent a tsunami wave of highest vibration across the planet. SO GLAD I tuned in, sat back, and let it in. Thank you.

  2. Karen says:

    Yay…..I listened LIVE….here in New South Wales, Australia…at a wonderful time of 12 noon on the 4th Feb. So outside on my deck, amongst the trees, the earth, the sun, a goanna roaming around & the birds singing.. (& a Full Moon in Leo day/night)….feeling REenergised & REinspired to BE the New Human I AM destined to BE.
    Thank you DeAnne & the Shining Ones <3

  3. OMPadaDevi says:

    You were on a roll and there was no stopping you last night. Congratulations on a very powerful debut on YouAwakening!!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Big Hugs. Great Job ~ I really felt connected with you and The Shinning Ones and still do. I am glad we are going to be hearing from you like this more often now. It is certainly time for your voice to reach a wider audience. It sounded like you were having fun.

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