It Is Show Day!

image(1)The energies just continue to spiral up and accelerate as we begin to settle into this year! The nature of spirituality and of the Light itself is changing on our planet and within the human species. It is both exciting and exhausting, intense and exuberating all at one. 2015 is what we have been waiting for, the question is, can we allow the magnificence of it to unfold in our lives?

In today’s webcast we will look more deeply into what the Shining Ones refer to as “a joy not of this dimension” that belongs to us all, as Divine birthright. Through metaphor and sound, higher light dispensation and love, this transmission will shine light on the shift from carbon based to crystalline DNA and the very new relationship we have with our power to not just talk about and dream about change, but to truly embrace and embody change as the new leaders now emerging in our world. Come and join the loving and expanding community here, a 5D tribe of intention and vision – and discover just how intertwined the initiated Soul and the energy of devotion are at this magnificent time of anchoring a New HUman identity and destiny!

The New HUman – New Live Transmission this Sunday 2/8 @ 11:11am eastern.

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One comment on “It Is Show Day!
  1. Karen says:

    Hand in hand…..I AM truly grateful for your guidance…….my cup rune th over!
    Hallelujah ((((((((+))))))))
    In The Joy of Oneness my heart sings with my Soul’s Song…….Blessed BE <3

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