Marianne Williamson said, “any thoughts of LOVE uplifts the vibration of the Universe.” So, I AM imagining how incredibly high the frequencies of Light in our world and beyond must be today as we all celebrate Valentines Day in the unique way that resonates with who we are and those we love.

Perhaps greater than developing psychic powers or the ability to sit in meditation for hours or finding work you truly enjoy… the greater purpose of spiritual life is remembering how to LOVE. And BEING that love. And sharing that love with the world and all beings around you.

May your day be blessed and may you experience the love of who you are in such a way that it expands the light of this day for you and those you love.

One Earth, One Heart, One Purpose, One Love,


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  1. Ken says:

    I believe that it was just yesterday that I shared with someone that, ‘Love is both the path & the destination’. 🙂

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