Will You Join Me?

image 3 copyVisions are powerful conduits to creation, manifestation and actualization! This is an important time to be consciously imagining, seeing and acting upon our highest ideal for the human family and the planet we call home. Positive and heart inspired vision creates a ripple effect that can be felt by others and lift both personal and collective vibration.

Our circumstances are never dictated by what has been or even what is, but by the ongoing choice to live as a reflection of the Light that we are, the Love that we are… seeing and trusting the Divine in all things. What we must remember is that we’ve already done this process many times – NOW we are remembering to do so with JOY! That is the advance of the crystalline DNA – Loving it all, finding God in it all, celebrating YOU in it all!

This year accelerates the energy and possibility of Anchoring A New Consciousness for humanity and earth. YOUR intention, vision, heart and devotion play a significant role in what continues to manifest, individually and collectively. Get in touch with your highest vision for your human family and planet and begin today, to make choices and live as if that vision were already a reality.

Have a glorious week of Divine Manifestations, Encounters, Creations and Joys.
One Love,DeAnne

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One comment on “Will You Join Me?
  1. Karen says:

    I have been busy, learning & preparing for my new volunteer job as a Primary Ethics teacher (1st class this Friday’s). My life is flowing & I am evolving, as I REmember my True Divine Nature & that I AM All That Is……so much LOVE…….so much LIGHT…..Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))
    In gratitude <3

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