Creator, I AM

image(2)I love the dance of light, imagery and words in this meme. I can stare indefinitely into the symbolism of a child, (reflecting innocence, wonder, imagination and in the moment presence), seemingly holding the greatest source of Light, life and power in our world. Could it be that our power as Creator beings, expressions of the Divine, lies in our ability to imagine, to experience wonder and meet every experience with the innocence (no mind) of a child?

Children live by their instinct and reside effortlessly in the moment. They possess an innate sense of trust in what is… they may not always like “what is” – but their attention remains in that moment, body, mind and spirit – emotion, heart and center of awareness – right there, at one with the NOW.

In essence, we are as a child, you and me, brand new in each moment. And we have the power of ALL of Creation present with us, in each moment. As we are able to meet the present moment with heart consciousness and a still mind, we bring the fullness of who we are to whatever experience, relationship or circumstance we find ourselves in. We are then fully equipped to bring to that moment the energies of transformation, manifestation and rebirth.

We Are The Creators of A New World… begin today to create the space and live as if that awareness were true – ( because it is!) and do so with the JOY and innocence and WONDER of a child.

The New Human – moving without thought, transforming with LOVE.

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4 comments on “Creator, I AM
  1. Karen says:

    Infinite love & gratitude xxx

  2. Stephanie says:

    My Fridays with grandson Liam are such a gift, as I follow his lead and experience the Now as he moves through his day.
    I feel my inner child most present on those days and most grateful that I have a this little companion to join me on the playground slide and swings…

    • DeAnne says:

      there is nothing like it – for as LONG as I can remember – there have always been babies and children in my immediate sphere to share in the wonder of life with! xo

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