Fall In Love With Your Choices

Grand_Universe_by_ANTIFAN_REALWe are the One Heart of a world remembering its way home!

We are all going through vast change and unique expressions of upheaval and repatterning in our lives. You are not alone, no matter what your circumstance. One of the most helpful and transformative understandings to embody in this NOW is to embrace your experience, whatever it is, with all that you are. The mind will tell you there is something else or that you belong some place else or that you could have a more fulfilling experience “if only.” And yet, that is just more story. When you follow the mind into illusions of what is missing or not yet perfect – your entire energy field contracts and you create resistance to the very thing you think you are missing. As you are able to LOVE WHAT IS – to LIVE THIS MOMENT as if it is already perfect and with everything you need, you send out vibrations of gratitude and contentment to the reality around you, near and far. And nothing is more powerful than that posture and understanding. There is so much the mind, egoic aspect cannot know about the greater existence that is always in process in each moment. As you can allow, surrender, let go and give your whole self to the life that is before you, your greater desires and dreams will be revealed. It can be no other way. This is the shift to the New Consciousness.

The New Human Paradigm

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3 comments on “Fall In Love With Your Choices
  1. kathleen says:

    The message is coming through loud and clear. I will tag you in yesterday’s poem DeAnne. We so agree.

  2. Karen says:

    My Heart swoons when I read these words of Truth. Thankfully & graciously I am most times aware of my egoic thoughts running amuck & wandering into the past & the future – then I come back into the Power of Now & back to the Heart of my Divine True Nature – my Sweet Self & my Joyful child Self. Then I feel that Connection to the Oneness & Wholeness. Xxx Also self compassion is a very useful tool to keep on hand these days! <3

  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Ladies, the frequencies and universal truths of these New Human messages have a pretty big bandwidth – so they easily gather the many into spaces of remembrance and love. ✨

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