New Human Equinox Gathering


Power UP, Power Down, Breathe and save the date – 3/20/15 @ 11:11am eastern
for a special Equinox Gathering, attunement, meditation and anchoring of this very powerful Gateway for those on the Ascension Path.

Community and UNITY are all important in helping us hold a strong center for our best Self as we meet the Light of this NOW with our own radiance and truth! It was not cleverly planned but the Shining Ones have seemingly orchestrated a coups de foudre in guiding the alignment of a New Human transmission on the Equinox, followed by a YouAwakening teleseminar on 3/31 – to harness and bring together in full alignment the funnel of energy between the Equinox and Blood Moon on 4/4! Like waves on a shore – we find ourselves tumbling with the waves as they go out and come blasting back in. All the while, energies continue to expand within Gaia on a subterranean level to match the galactic energies of expansion.

Such a great love and Cosmic Mystery that we are experiencing, trusting, allowing … with really strong – stronger energy aimed at the merging of the higher and lower levels. It is purposeful as it is leading us into these ascension energies and possibilities of 2015 – which are a choice. Ascension IS a choice. Being conscious IS a choice. Stepping out where there is no foundation and remembering how to fly, how to serve, how to love and BE the Light, once again… all a choice.

This is the invitation of the New HUman emerging, energies of 5D Earth and a new dispensation for our world. Come and celebrate, gather sustenance, awaken wisdom and activate dormant DNA potentials… and DO SO in the harmony and community of your Divine Tribe of Light.

I treasure this moment and all of you immensely and deeply honored to hold the space for this grand reunion of like minds and hearts as we awaken to a very new day for our species and world.

With Much Love, Deep Peace and Unbound JOY,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Human Equinox Transmission Friday 3/20 @ 11:11am Eastern
YouAwakening with Jacklyn Johnston Tuesday March 31st, 2pm Eastern

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