The Equinox Pull, Activating The Crystal Spirit

LightWorkerKryonAbstractMake no mistake about it – the energies are INTENSE. You are going to have a much easier time of this period from now until the Equinox and even through the blood moon on 4/4 if you are fairly skilled at staying out of the mind. KNOW that the physical body is going through a LOT of transmutation. As we have discussed the better part of this year on the LIVE transmissions – energy wants to live differently in our body – and thus in our world. There is a tremendous pull from the Equinox that began around the first of the month, energies working with us to lift us above egoic will into Divine Will.

So, letting go of resistances, letting go of things that reflect density and heaviness either in relationships or in your care of Self, Self-care, loving Self-care is so important right now… freeing up the mind, lots of empty, vacant space for the mind to be filled with creative impulses, new inspirations – the meditation on the 3/1 show, working with the Golden Light is for the benefit and support of working with this creative energy – it would be good to revisit that often. Letting go Letting go Letting go, Being love Being Love Being Love – embracing this tenderness in the fields of light with your gentleness, loving response to your Self and the reality around you.

Something that I am finding for myself is that when I am feeling the most fatigue and like I could just lay down and take a nap in the middle of nowhere and anywhere (pretty much daily of late) in that moment, is when something wants to communicate with me! The Shining Ones led me right to this accompanying photo to demonstrate these penetrating forces and rays of light on your person – and that it is INTELLIGENCE, it is LIVING energy. And what I’ve noticed is that when I stop and just open myself up to that communication, I get a burst of energy and its like I’ve been regenerated and revitalized. SO, again, ENERGY WANTS TO LIVE IN OUR BODIES differently. No pushing, no driving and judging and critical thoughts – only LOVE. If it is love that deems to now be the center from which we express and the new design of the human form – why would we respond with anything less than supreme love to the new being activating within us?

I know I am typically an advocate of setting an intention which is an invaluable new consciousness practice – so with the equinox coming up, it might be a high response of the mind to set an intention for this time. But what I am getting from this Equinox Eclipse Blood Moon trigger, powerful powerful alignment of planets etc, is that we just need to surrender – to let go and trust Divine Will and be really peaceful, really soft and allowing and in our hearts to fill our realities as much as possible with activities that facilitate gentleness, ease, getting in our hearts, sharing from our hearts, living from our hearts, finding joy and falling in love with life – our lives, all over again!

You may have noticed a dramatic shift in the sun’s light – the rays of the sun- just since the beginning of this month – and it feels like its part of this pull – this energetic pull to a new circumstance, a new environment, a new reality. The new light is very, very present now – it is assisting us with great love to just go into the beauty of it all and to trust the beauty of it ALL!!

So, spend time, conscious and purposeful time in nature and be willing to let go of the things in your life that reflect less than the utmost supreme love for the Self – which is the utmost supreme love for God and our beloved Earth Mother, Gaia: be that relationships, be that habits, circumstances, obligations etc etc. I spoke of a “leveling up” that is underway within this passage in the New Day blog on 3/3 – March, A Month Of Power. Revisit that and take the suggestions for helping the body during this passage to heart.

I prefer not to talk numbers and dates because they’re so fluid in nature but I am sensing this equinox eclipse blood moon passage to be a great refinement with a couple of hundred thousand poised to go through a leveling up – a new experience of their own consciousness and a merging of consciousness, lifting into this new atmosphere and new crystalization outside and within.

Just as a barometer for the times we are in – it doesn’t occur to me when I have some weird physical symptom going on that it is anything other than light transmutation – which goes a long way in keeping the mind still! This leveling up experience is going to look differently and land differently for each person -it could very well feel like a walk in experience – in other words, strange – no words – but like you’re in the body and not in the body at the same time. It is a lot of connection and activity in the heart center – that part of you that connects with all your other aspects!!

You are not alone, we are moving up the spiral of Light together, joined in a greater intention to “meet up” at a new level of being… in harmony, ready to share gifts and love from a higher perspective as we heal our world and remember the Unity we all share. It is a glorious time. All is well. Meditate on the photo above and recognize the scope of transformation and rebirth you are in. IT IS HAPPENING! Take care of your Selves with the heart of a Mother, a healer, a warrior and ONE WHO HAS REMEMBERED!!

In the Radiance of Inner Light & the Consciousness of Love – we are all the same.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones.

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