Multidimensional Merge, Full Tilt!

10384476_879357972104693_6294923055977860088_nHow many ways can we say WOW! 🙂 Multidimensional merge, indeed. Everything present, everything presenting to be held in a new light and experienced with a new energy… of understanding, insight, compassion, wisdom and love.

It is hard to describe how exact and swift the energies are and how deeply felt this leveling up of the multidimensional Self is at this time. I feel completely up for and capable of the task at hand – yet I AM also aware of the need for a completely different rhythm as these new frequencies communicate through and shape my current environment. Last Saturday was an extremely powerful surge of the Equinox energies and this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday will likewise be strong anchoring dates as the Equinox-Blood Moon Gate steps up in frequencies.

This is an incredibly unique and remarkable passage for the Light Tribe of HUmanity; please stay focused and in your hearts as the light steps up in intensity. Know that we are holding a massive field of Light for the Shift and Ascension right now. Breathe into this awareness and feel the honor of being entrusted with this task – it calls for high levels of integrity and love. Accessing and integrating the multidimensional Self into our lives and known reality takes on a whole new meaning as we merge consciousness. Surrender to the Now of it will be your greatest ally as the Light levels increase.

You are ALL and ALL WAYS in my heart Light Tribe,
Breathe, be well, know you are loved, greatly.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Come and share, bring your presence, join your light in Unity:

The New Human Equinox Event: 3/20 11:11am

You Awakening with DeAnne and the Shining Ones: New Human, New Story, New Society! 3/31 2pm eastern.

Listen now and receive a very full download and attunement of Shining Ones wisdom and New Consciousness Pivot!! 3/3 replay:



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