Settling In


It is in remembering that we are all connected…

Everything about this NOW – every encounter, every feeling, every thought and experience, emotion and perception in this NOW, is that we may KNOW OUR SELF and grow into our full potential.

Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, listen to the stillness…

You will find comfort and peace when you are at “home” within your own Self, in love with your very being and the exquisitely rich existence all around you. Remembering it was your own Soul, the God within you, that yearned for the very experience you call your life.

Come and join the Intention, Energy and Consciousness of The New Human for Equinox attunement and a deeper understanding of Christ Consciousness – ALL this coming week. (see below)

With Great Appreciation and High Regard for all of those walking the path of Light and placing the Ascension of our planet and people at the heart of everything you do.

One Love, Light of Peace


The New Human Equinox Event: 3/20 11:11am

You Awakening with DeAnne and the Shining Ones: Evolving into Christ Consciousness, 3/31 2pm eastern.

Listen now and receive a very full download and attunement of Shining Ones wisdom and New Consciousness Pivot!! 3/3 replay:



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