Clarity, Grace, Strong Decisions


Good Morning Light Tribe,

The energies that came in with the Equinox continue to be quite strong – lots of pressure. Take care to not make any impulsive decisions and steer clear of reactive mode. Spend time alone as much as needed, contemplate, get out and dig in the dirt, feel, lie on the floor with your pets, take as many naps as needed. This is a beautiful passage but quite serious and not for the faint of heart all the same. Whatever is presenting, no matter how the mind interprets or the emotions get tangled up in, these radiant new light frequencies are pushing us for greater clarity about what we want, who we are truly and firming up our commitments to life so much richer and truer than the trivial constructs we have become so invested in. Grace is profoundly present – pouring light in and swirling it in our field as a remembrance of worlds were there is no shadow, no hardship and confusion, only ease, only truth, only Love.

I encourage you to spend heart-centered time with the triad of pieces introduced in the Equinox New Human webcast – HU tone/Vibration of 12 and Octahedron, which is an important piece of our leveling up and reset at this time. This combination of frequency components, along the with tones of remembrance woven into the meditation, come straight from the Galactic Center for the purpose of anchoring this rare Equinox/Eclipse/Blood Moon passage all the way through 4/4 and beyond! It will be helpful, as well, as you face into the new light of however these intense waves are manifesting for you… to remind yourself – NEVER has our world and species known love such as this – NEVER have we had access to this level of power while still in form and NEVER has our transformation and freedom been so near, so unhindered and extended with such Grace.”Pay Attention or you will miss important things”, whisper the Shining Ones. I weep with the understanding of just how much we are loved, of how close we are to truly realizing deeply the essence and significance of Oneness. I AM touched by the Unity weaving a new web of golden radiance as a New Consciousness for humanity and earth – asking only for our surrender.

Something very new is being born – let nothing distract you from that alignment and purpose. Take nothing personally – maintain as high of a frequency as possible! If you do get pulled into density – do your best to stay neutral so as to remain as available as possible to these upgrades. Your future and the potential of our collective future is very much in your hands. I AM so grateful to be here NOW – to know you as family and to embrace the Mystery of what lies ahead.

With Great Love and the Light of the Heavens,

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2 comments on “Clarity, Grace, Strong Decisions
  1. Georgina Tonelli says:

    I just discovered you today through the YouAwakening transmission. I love you. I resonate so completely with your beingness and awareness. Thank you from the depth of my being for your presence in this dimension, (and for your presence in all dimensions). You are SO APPRECIATED. Love and Light ALWAYS, Georgina

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Georgina, this touches me deeply – I too feel the remembrance and reunion growing. I AM the Light in you, you are the Light in me and together we expand the return of the Light at this time, in this place, for the highest good of all. Much love~ ♥

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