fearless-vacation19(pp_w900_h597)There is a center that is the center of everything. It is the core of this reset underway. There is a felt strength, a felt power, a sense of equipoise present that you can reach out, make contact with and touch. It comes to you and moves through you in one motion… but the energy remains. And that energy, vibration, light become the new center in you; that then gravitates toward the greater center that is unchanging. Gratitude inhabits your being and wonder, joy, remembrance quiet the mind. This is the process underway, the dance of the new frequencies – undulating waves of love inviting you to truer life. Empowering you to live aligned with a truer existence. Open your heart, take care not to contract your energy for that suggests fear. Say Yes. Be the Yes of your becoming.

The Shining Ones

Extending much love and gratitude to this tribe of a new humanity. This Equinox passage is a masterful passage with few words to measure the gifts we are now embodying – deep shifts and exceptional accelerations are underway. I invite you to read and feel the words from the Shining Ones often – no matter what you are experiencing, we are each and all undergoing dramatic energetic changes, deep cellular activations initiating us to higher levels of the New Light. Breathe into that greater awareness and understanding and stay in your heart, be an ambassador of love.

We have just over a week to go in this Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway. Embrace the greater truth of it – stay close to that which nurtures and sustains you and  increase the TLC in experiences that challenge you, tap emotions, invite stress and or otherwise leave you feeling just plain weird. Continue to use the tools for staying present, the meditations and tones shared in the New Human Equinox transmission. Center your Self often with hands over heart, closed eyes and the mantra of these times: I AM One with the highest levels of Divine Love, Truth, Peace of Mind and remembrance of Pure Source Light… in this moment and always. All Ways.

All is well, All is Love, All is YOU!

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