Reverence, Rapture, Release~


Bright blessings of joy and remembrance, gratitude and love to my new human family and tribe of Light. To say this is a holy week, just begins to touch the depth of the love, the pure light frequencies and embrace of love emanating from everywhere and nowhere at once. Yesterday was a palpable expression of this Christ Light, dispensation of a new consciousness and energy for the new tribe of humanity… if you were not able to catch the LIVE teleconference on youawakening, Jacklyn Johnson has extended the archive of this event as a downloadable gift. This energy needs to be shared and circulated, it is time for this remembrance to be streamed into the broken spirits, confused minds and empty hearts of so many believing in the limited conditioning of the denser realities. This is a NEW DAY, the New Light is here, a higher love is present and the invitation is ALL INCLUSIVE. For we are ONE, all are welcomed, all are cherished, all are holy in the eyes of the love.

I am sharing a newly discovered “voice” of the divine. Expressing universal energies through the medium of mantras,DewaChe_RGB-720x720 Dewa Che is a beautiful light of remembrance of the holy we all are connected to, the divine gifts we all have come to share – for the highest good of all. Find a still spot in your day and a comfortable place to let go into… and just breathe in this beautiful voice and heart.

Beautiful Day New Humans, Embrace it, Embody it, Express it with your Love.

***DeAnne and the Shining Ones streaming the new consciousness of a new humanity on YouAwakening:

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