Impeccable Intentions

image(1) copyThe turbo boosters were turned on Tuesday evening and the gateway energies shifted into a whole new octave and level of strength, power, intensification yesterday as we hone in on the gate itself and the gift it offers to our individual and collective ascent. The energies are incredibly high – I spent 2 hours in the Shining Ones woods yesterday and had the most eerily sublime experience of being watched by Consciousness Itself – if you can imagine. It was as if something all seeing and all knowing were right there with me, in the same field of energy with my identity aspect, pulling my consciousness up above the field of gravity it so identified with. It felt a bit foreboding in its enormity – and yet so incredibly loving in its authority.

These are the times and experiences there are no words for, that is a given! That turbo energy is operating off an unprecedented momentum and this upcoming trigger, one of 4 this year on Saturday, 4/4, will provide a significant catapult for many. The Guidance is quite strong to both focus your intention and interpret your visions wisely. This is the year of ALIGNMENT. Where you focus your intention during these gates will become the trajectory you are launched into. Stay very clear, in your heart, soft in energy, still in emotions, feeling every thought and moment and expression. Each moment is the future you are creating.

We are holding a vast space and intention for the many to step into. Continue to engage the meditation, golden octahedron, HU tones, inner sun/creator breath exercise, 12 vibration and harmonics shared in the Equinox New HUman transmission for support. These will attune your merkaba with Gaia’s and offer balancing support as we merge with higher levels of the New Light.

Surround yourself with Light, be awake to the Light, create with the Light, be ONE with the Light. This is your center as the energies sing us into a new relationship with all of existence.

One Love, All One,

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2 comments on “Impeccable Intentions
  1. Karen says:

    As I read these beautiful words of Truth, the song playing (synchronistic bounty) in the background is Ashers’s Shine On….the words ringing in my heart, from my Soul…sublime blissful aware moment in time…. I AM truly blessed & truly grateful….ONE LOVE <3

  2. Karen says:

    Asher Quinn (Asha)…..”Shine Brightly”
    He has always sung to my heart – since the 1980’s….and I have been asking that my heart rhythms beat to my Soul’s Song….& HERE IT IS!
    Amazing Grace xxx

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