The Everest


There is a yoga pose called the Everest, so named because it is the peak, or greatest level of twisting out of all the twist asanas. Feeling into this weekend just past, with the pinnacle of the Blood Moon Eclipse and Easter Sunday, I’d say it was very much an Everest event in and of itself. If you did not catch the Easter post, “Rapture”- and even if you did, spend time with the energy and consideration there. Easter was just more of this vast invitational into the Mystery, which is a deepening within the Self, knowing the true Self and aligning with a new sense of clarity about who you are, what your heart wants and the future it is time to step forth into at this time.

All day there was this sense of seeing something brand new, seeing reality differently, to then inform a different Self and future. The sense of multidimensional merge has amplified even more – experiencing more than one aspect and dimension of Self simultaneously – with a greater level of peace and well being.

Keep the mind still and be gentle with yourself today – for the next few days really. As we talked about in the last webcast, the mind wants to KNOW things – but often times that pushes truer knowing away. Take time to be with the new information that has downloaded this weekend. Don’t try to figure it out. Your only job now is to see, acknowledge and allow the new levels of imaging and Self coming into alignment with your current awareness. The path into this new territory is already cleared and new alignments await – as you are still, accepting, open to how greatly your world will change and how different it will look as the new levels begin to anchor into your being and heart.

Write down the new data as if you are scripting the screenplay for a new movie – the life of your dreams and a you that has truly surrendered to the wave of this new light, the star. Yes, that is a good metaphor to start this first full week of April with. From a jewel in a beautiful lotus to a bright star in an infinite sky… it is you new human, you are indeed, a beautiful mystery.

Oneness, Love, Wonder,

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2 comments on “The Everest
  1. Kathleen says:

    This is a wonderful message DeAnne synchronizing with my heart. Just yesterday I wrote: Each day unto itself is a jewel in the lotus to be enjoyed, exquisitely with true emotion, to anchor the affect and move on gracefully, leaving blessings in our wake.

  2. Karen says:

    Went to my usual meditation group on Tuesday evening & we were blessed with some visiting musicians to lead our chanting. One man was wearing a T shirt with the words in a mandala of the jewel in the lotus….Om Mane Pad Me Hum… eyes were glued to it/him….as if a loud & CLEAR message for me to RECEIVE….I then asked for NEW perception & NEW perspective as a blessing & focus for my meditation. Yes, beautiful synchronicities abound!!

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