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Let us come together in joyful reunion – let us remember our nature is co-creation and compassion, may we trust the mystery that lies within always and recognize the presence of love in all we do, at all times, for purposes far greater than the concerns of the transient world. Each moment that we determine to live in our hearts and love what is, unconditionally, we are transformed and our joy, set free.

 It’s a great day, don’t you feel that? I AM really excited about the show today and would love to have you join us. It seems everyday is brand new and quickening in the activity of reunion, aligning with familiars of our higher intent and really expansive spaces to move gracefully into. The energies this month are very different than March, gratefully so, and the show will have a wealth of transformational energies running on behalf of new alignments with these greater potentials. More than anything and perhaps the greatest awareness of all is recognizing how much love is present on behalf of a newly emerging human, ability, power and Unity in our world. It is time to come together in new ways, shift our responsibility inward and up above the old obligations and imbalances in our lives and trust this incredibly magnificent, beautifully illumined process that is serving to rewrite our consciousness in profound ways. Just a really vast and blessed time to BE HERE NOW!!

The New Human – Remembering the truer path of our potential.

 The Experience of Higher Levels of Light. Featuring a brand new meditation from the Shining Ones : Activating Christ Technologies

TODAY @ 11:11am eastern – Archive immediately available.

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