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Gratitude to all who came and shared the space yesterday for a very full and beautiful transmission of this New Consciousness/New Earth/5th World Paradigm that is the New Human. The intention was to share the energies of April with you, along with the lightwaves and vibrational supports to enhance your alignment with a new level of your own potential. It seems all of the vibrational world, from the Earth herself to the animal kingdoms and radiant streams of cosmic love were present to participate and invite us in to a truer center of existence. Magical and empowered times indeed – richly reflected in the transformational energies of this 4/12/15 webcast. Whether listening for the first time or deepening in the experience and meditation many times over, may you feel the reflection of your own light, your own mastery and your own love in the heart of this transmission.

The New Human: 4/12/14 webcast

The Experience of Higher Levels of Light. Featuring a brand new meditation from the Shining Ones : Activating Christ Technologies

Archive now available here: https://deannehampton.com/webcast/webcast-2015-04-12/

Non-members can listen to a highlight from the webcast here: https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page/


The New Human – Remembering the truer path of our potential.


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