Reconnecting With Our True Selves

meme-one-world-people-loveThe New Human is a remembrance, a remembrance before the past of our attachments. We are re-connecting with our true selves, our authenticity and heart. It is happening at a cellular level by a Process that is deeming to gather as many into the new as are willing to forgive the duality and embrace fully the language and light of love. This new transparency is allowing us to be seen as never before. Soul memories and blueprints within are NOW aligning with our conscious awareness. We are Unifying, Self Actualizing, meeting with our true selves, “two mirrors, facing each other with nothing in between.” As we step fearlessly and authentically into each moment of each day within a new spiral of evolutionary humanity, may we all know the joy and peace of a journey so vast we cannot help but embrace the gift of it as home.

Excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age Of Light


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