Reset, Recalibrate, Realignment

Karner_Blue_Butterfly_transformationsGood Morning Light Tribe,

The image the Shining Ones brought in on the 4/12 New Human Transmission is making more sense and anchoring more deeply by the day… remember the forces or channels of light running above, beneath and to either side of the physical form? The New Levels of Light, which are increasing and amplifying with each moment now, make it feel like your cells are blowing in every direction. This is the implosion/explosion of the activated Solar Heart Center and it, in turn, activates the crystalline structures you have been working on all of these years. Hence the sensations of expansion, expansion, expansion – energy going faster and faster, life seemingly in fast motion even as we get so much done and feel so connected to the experience and reality and persons around us. Be sure to take care of the body and mind as they are altered to meet the demands of the New Light Levels.

Substantial shifts have and will continue to occur at the current pace through the end of May. This New Light level is dramatic, palpable, communicating directly with the Solar Heart and increasing as we take it deeply within and envelope it with the breath. I encourage you to continue to use the Equinox meditation with the HU tone, Octahedron and vibration of 12, along with the expansion of inner light activity we engaged together at the opening sequence of that same show. Another powerful way to engage the breath in this passage is to elongate your breathing as if the breath were unifying with the vertical dispensation of this new energy. So when you breathe in – you make the inhale as long as possible – sending it up through the top of the head and holding it there as long as possible – and then when you exhale – again elongate – breathing out as deeply as you can, sending the breath out through the bottoms of your feet and deep into the earth – again pausing on the bottom of that out breath as long as possible, before resuming with the inhale.

As the recalibrations continue, you will feel a reset and notice this recalibration as a scrambled energy in your interactions and social relationships, activities, unions of all manner – but only at the level of the mind. The confusion comes in response to believing or trying to do anything, engage with reality in the way you always have. The opportunity is at hand to bring a new consciousness, which translates to a new level of Self – to every facet of our lives. This is not a time for fear-based choices or for settling for what is, just because it is what is. These unsettled, chaotic energies will level out by the end of May AS WE cooperate, choosing paths of least resistance, alliances that polish our field of light versus dull it in comparison and move our decision making out of the mind and into the heart.

Our instinct, intuition, insight and heart consciousness are at an all time high, this is the new primary operating system. Anything not complimenting this innate nature will attract some aftershocks from the Equinox Gateway, so that as many as possible get where they need to be playing the role they need to play – for the highest good of all. The next few weeks will be an onslaught of revelations as the new energy fields come fully into alignment. The most important thing is to keep moving ahead, stay with the momentum at hand, lighten up, play, recharge, give yourself permission to decline old energy habits and relationships that seem determined to remain static.

Speaking of Relationships – that will be the theme of the next You Awakening Teleseminar on the 28th of this month, 8pm eastern. Additionally, we will look more closely and vibrationally at the May energies on the 1oth of next month, with a brand new LIVE transmission of the New Human energies. STAY TUNED – so much is present, so much love and support, lots of tools and energy based exercises to keep you anchored in this new light on the New Human shows, especially since the Equinox. Zoom Zoom Zoom – up and out, expanding with light, anchored in love, embracing the new and trusting the alignments that are showing us new tribes, new possibilities, new ABILITIES and new reflections of Self to embody and BE in this NOW!!

With Big Love in a very Big NOW to this expanding Tribe of New Human Family!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Human/New Relationships on YouAwakening 4/28 8pm eastern

Rewriting Our Consciousness, Reframing Our Lives! on The New Human
Sunday May 10th, 11:11am eastern


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