Allowing The Unimaginable To Manifest


Greetings Light Tribe, Family, Friends, Beloveds,

It is pretty hard not to feel the purity and expansion of this Light that is here now –
WOW! These amplifications are communicating directly with our crystalline structures. It is ok to be a bit short on descriptive words, these are energies the mind has no access to, the unknown spaces are meant to be felt and allowed as this deeply profound and Divine Love continues to lift above known, expand outside of constructs (the old normal) and rewrite our consciousness from a new center within. I AM incredibly in LOVE with this NOW.

Yesterday was Earth Day and I spent rich and devoted time with the Mother. It just occurred to me that the most powerful and effective way to spend this day honoring our planet, was to be with her in really free spaces, outside of mind and shoulds and in appreciation, in the frequency if heart. The woods seemed especially still, yet vibrant, with felt harmonics and visible spirals of joyful ascending light.

There is definitely new spaciousness in the natural world – more visible and felt in some regions such as the vortices here in the Carolinas, than others. Nevertheless, these spaces are very vibrant, expansive, active and creative in support of our journey over the next 6 months. Tune in, be still and listen, truly listen.

Creativity – the energy of creator being within is very active with consistent downloads of creative ideas in support of our personal paths and awakening at this time. Without exception, all the individuals that I have connected with over the last week to week and a half – there has been instant light activity in support of busting up old stagnant energies and opening up the space around the heart, tremendously so! As we move into purer and truer state of Unity Consciousness, welcome with conscious recognition the ongoing destruction of old myths, beliefs and expectations of what is or is not spiritual, what is or is not the Christ. Expect the unexpected, dare to grab the big dreams by the horns and ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW the unbelievable to manifest. Dreams unimaginable are now within reach as the new normal for the new HUmans of an ascending world.

After this beautiful expansive light-overflowing Earth Day of 2015 – be aware there is another wave of Divine influx beginning today April 23rd – 26th! All I can say is that it is an incredibly fantastical, wide open time to be alive and quite honestly, utterly amazing what we are accomplishing and expanding into. This would be an opportune time to really explore, feel and dive deeply into the many tools, articles, meditations, inspirations, visuals, harmonics and of course, New HUman archives of transformational energies. All of my one on one sessions of late have been lit up and very direct in the opportunity to deepen your ascension experience. This website is a frequency portal with much overseeing and guidance from the Shining Ones – Advanced Light Race from the Galactic Center. They are central in HUmanity’s remembrance of just how truly powerful we are and relevant this time is. What is here now will continue – the variable is our ability to deepen in surrender and trust and allowing of what is. The Light is here – it is time to Shine as we welcome in a trajectory of Life very different from any that we’ve ever known.

Be IN The Love of Who You Are
and take it with you into every moment
every encounter and experience.

With High Regard and Gratitude to Know each and every ONE of you!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones✨✨

Reminder!!!!! ♥♥♥

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2 comments on “Allowing The Unimaginable To Manifest
  1. Greetings and thank you Deann for all your wonderful work. I have been feeling a great deal of energy and some anxiety since the spring equinox. I am praying everyday for a breakthrough that will take me away from this place to somewhere I can really be happy and make a BIG difference if you get my meaning.I am hugely sensitive to energy. I can only pray that the change comes soon. Peace

  2. DeAnne says:

    Dear James, as the shining ones would say, “there is no waiting.” So it would be a good place to meditate on that what you seek is here right now – and then begin looking, as if into a looking glass, at what remains present in your reality that prevents the experience of it. If it really becomes pressing for you – let me know if I might be of some service i.e. – check out the offerings of personal assistance on my website! 😉 Nothing is more important than ALIGNMENT this year – and it is available to everyone! ♥♥♥

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