Spaciousness, Unity, Peace

20150514_104408Good Morning Beloveds,

As most of you know, I AM in St.Augustine this week. We took a chance with a location that was guided mainly by the ability to have a large dog along for the trip! And I have to say, with joyful gratitude that we have landed in the perfect spot – especially so for this current gateway of Christification we are wholly in the midst of.

As the Shining Ones and this new human paradigm have shown us over the years,, metaphor is the language of the Light – and this current amplification is shining with metaphor and the invitation to very new spaces of Self and existence. First, “we’ve landed in the perfect spot” – this is an exuberant metaphor indeed! This year has been one of great acceleration, intense amplification and ongoing adjustment on behalf of new alignments. And yet, all that initiation into greater alignment with the Higher Self and divine potentials has delivered us to a very free, light, brightly lit spaciousness that is finally allowing us to catch the first really deep and anchored breaths this year. We are definitely in a new environment and breathing a new atmosphere.

The strip of beach we are staying on is called Crescent Beach. There is a peaceful stillness in this place with a lot of smiling, friendly people. You can drive your cars on the beach, dogs are allowed everywhere the humans are and the spaces we are all sharing seem unusually wide open – enough room for everyone to both enjoy their own solitude and time with the pristine nature and yet abide together in a cooperative sense of community. I am falling in love by the minute with the environment that seems to have just “appeared” in my now – and yet, strangely so, I am aware that what I am feeling and attuning to is an altogether greater, different and very new environment that these last few eclipses and amplified waves have assisted us in aligning with in a very beautiful way in this moment.

Another curious metaphor that has struck me during this gate of May 13th-17th – an energy metaphor for sure, is another “wave” phenomenon out in the ocean. I have noticed, palpably so, that when I am standing with the water almost to my shoulders, waiting for another GIANT wave to come crashing over me – I watch it get closer and closer, building in height and power all the while… and just before the wave envelopes me I feel the strong pull of the undertow as if to take my feet out from under me and drag me down with an opposing force to the incoming wave. Two events happening simultaneously – new wave coming, another direction pulling and the human aspect challenged to find a vertical anchor through it all. So, the challenge and “game” is to remain steady and upright as the forward momentum carries you – not allowing that undertow (re: past, drama, old patterns) to unsettle the flow that is present to carry you.

I invite you to play with that imagery and energy – the dance of metaphor between the waves of the ocean and their nature and the waves of these amplified light rays here to awaken the human heart. New Day, New Sun, New Lives for the choosing and unfolding. It is a wonderment to behold and give ourselves to – this now. I AM walking in the light of this new solar activity – feeling the pulse and radiance of it in my own heart. I know it is for me, and the all who are ready and willing, to be in pure service to this amplification – to welcome, hold, send these frequencies out through the grids of Gaia and the awakened HUman Heart grid. I feel as if on some level, all these “strangers” that have gathered on this Crescent Beach at the same time as me in this now – are somehow welcoming and holding and sending the Solar activity and love out with me – out into the nothingness of a very unknown future – and in someway actively participating in something very new by design.

May the adventure and mystery and joy of it all continue – and may we find our truest Self and the service of our Solar Heart in the process. With Love for ALL. DeAnne ♥


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2 comments on “Spaciousness, Unity, Peace
  1. judith says:

    LOVE this metaphoric play. Will be meditating on it. GO glad your joy is palpable for the rest of us, thanks!

  2. Karen says:

    Namaste ~*~*~* may it BE so ! xxx

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