Hearts Wide Open, Part 2

20150514_104349Blessings Of Light and Peace New Humans,

As I spent time with Gaia and the Shining Ones today, I felt the calming and quieting of mind that these benevolent beings and the Earth Mother instill so effortlessly. The greater the activity of acceleration into new and undefined spaces in reality as we know it – the more information and opinion, teachings, predictions and activity you are going to find around light phenomenon and all things ascension. None of it is right or wrong or better than the next source… what is important to acknowledge and breathe into, with stillness, is that everything and all of it exists within different facets of consciousness and energy. People ocassionally send me things that others are doing or writing about or saying – and what I notice is that this activity tends to stimulate my mind and throw me off center rather than assist me in remaining in my heart. Information is fine and the whole of humanity is both participating and contributing to this ascension process in their own unique way. But what is truly, essentially important in this year of alignment with our truest expression – is that we begin to trust and deepen our personal connection with the Divine.

This is not a busy-ness phase, it is a very FULL phase – so much happening and manifesting, but that is a very different energy than busy-ness. TUNE INTO THAT. This phase is about revelation —— and you kinda have to sit with it – it must be observed at first – not with the mind which goes into judgement and overwhelm but the feeling nature and heart. Again, COMPLETELY different energies. So, rather than impulsively following the stimulation of ideas, recognize that all of those creations are a unified field of thought. Like a kaleidoscope – there are 2 ways to experience a kaleidoscope  – one is to notice and zero in on the individual colors and angles of light – which is busy energy – the other is to experience the swirl and beauty of the moment, as a whole. FEELING it in your body versus analyzing it with the mind.

Likewise, now is not 4D, that is an earlier experience of connection to the noosphere of Gaia – although this past week I experienced the Earth, New Earth at a whole new level of crystalline vibrancy. It is still very important to BE OUTDOORS at this time – HOWEVER – this year is the 5D merge –  it challenges your concepts of reality and comfort zone.  It is stimulating to experience the collective mind of your true Self. This Divine Merge, Alignment with the multidimensional Self and truest reality is what these monthly wave amplifications are all about… including the Cosmic Trigger tomorrow – May 23rd! This phase is very purposeful in moving us toward Mastery – which is the focus of the second part of this year. More to come on that…  The point to shine light on and breathe into is that whatever your “stuff” is – your patterns of thought and emotion, the things that trip you up even after years of work and growth – you are going to be experiencing them and looking at them at a whole new level – to determine if it is still the finite self attaching in the same way or are you above them in surrender – higher and new levels of LETTING ALL concerns of identity go.

The energies this year are in support of a universal rewrite. Imagine for a moment an ascending spiral of energy – now tune into the force of activity at the bottom or beginning most point of that spiral – a strong gravitational pull drawing everything toward that vortex – its gonna be toppling and disruptive, even destructive in nature to the degree there is attachment. That is what these amplified waves specifically and this year over all are about – forces drawing the collective up and into a new alignment with a new reality and experience  – for the purpose of becoming conduits for the Christed Light – and the service of that taking on a new level this year. Know that everyone is in their own process and the potential is there for people to be as all over the place as the energies are. Psychological fallout is always a concern when coming into this phase of the Shift because many minds will not be able to properly interpret what is occurring. Confusion is a close companion of the expansion process. This illumines the point being expressed earlier in this sharing, that stillness, time out of mind and constant stimulation and in the void, the nothingness is important because it demonstrates the ability to maintain the peace and detachment of Mastery.

It also teaches us incredible patience with ourselves and the external reality. The theme of my yoga class this morning was, not coincidently, patience. The collective construct of the illusion continues to run on autopilot – so many people running around chasing shadows, all the while, very few are truly present and inhabiting their bodies. Patience teaches us to slow down and really feel, attune to the moment and get clear about our objectives. This is a valuable meditation for you to prepare your body, mind and heart for the gift of energies on the 23rd. A Cosmic Trigger is an amplification of photonic light which communicates directly with the cells  – whereas linear sun rays touch and affect the physical – these photonic light frequencies penetrate the physical and communicate directly to the DNA, activating new sequences. Slow down, open your hearts wide to what is here, release all expectation and just allow the fullness of this Divine Love, Divine Feminine, New Light and Sacred Earth to envelope you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT intention and awareness to carry with you in this now is first, to BREATHE~ the Shining Ones add that the most important point is to be feeling what is here and different and responding to IT, versus reacting to everything else. Stillness and breath are your greatest asset on the way to Mastery. When you are able to be balanced within the stillness and reconnect your heart center as a Source center, you move on to heightened states of Unity consciousness. And the highest expression of Unity in this phase is Unity with Multidimensional You!

I invite you into the same experience I AM taking for my Self tomorrow, the 23rd – and that is into retreat. I want to feel everything and be as fully in every experience as I possibly can for this Cosmic Trigger. I plan on going to yoga and remaining in the observer – interacting very little while being fully present and devoted to the practice. And there will be much time in nature, in stillness, consciously holding the space for the highest possibilities in each moment. Things feel strange in most moments, downright bazaar in others… and yet there is a consistent and blessed assurance filling the in-between spaces with immeasurable peace. 2015 is a Mastery year, the heart of which is revealing the activation of OverSoul into new service, greater love, profound intelligences and pure Source wisdom – into this realm. As the Shining Ones reminded us on last night’s call –

There is no greater or more blessed, wiser or more loved being in the entire Universe, than you in this moment. That makes you capable of great things. Begin Now. Begin. Be.

With the Light of a New Sun and the Love of a Vast Creation,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Hearts Wide Open, Part 2
  1. Karen says:

    I have had a day of Rest & Reflection & have just listened to the recent teleseminar. I experienced only a beautiful presence of balance & harmony throughout the broadcast & with ease & grace, I stayed fully centered & 5D connected/aligned with the Shining Ones during those hiccups of 3D disconnection/interference…..The Love & Light were always shining & shimmering within my Heart Space….Blessed BE ((((((((+)))))))) Thank you DeAnne xxx Another Powerful & Palpable transmission xxx

  2. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Karen for being there with your light – onward and up we go, moving only with the higher waves and undeterred by any resistance to that freedom! xo

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