Light Of Love

Good Morning Beloveds,

Sharing a favorite song with you by Jai Jagde called Light of Love~ with a few of the highlights from my recent time spent in St. Augustine and a section of the Appalachian Trail between NC and Tennessee. It is a photo album of sorts I have named From Ocean to Mountains, with a grateful heart in between.

Let us spend this day in the “light of love”, integrating and breathing in gratitude for the magnificent energies here with us and the blessed process of transforming into our truest Selves. Much Love to ALL!

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2 comments on “Light Of Love
  1. Karen says:

    All in Divine Time ~ I AM the One ~ I AM the All….Blessed BE ((((((((+)))))))) Beautiful De Anne, just Beautiful! xxx

  2. DeAnne says:

    The song is such an anchor for the truest Self – it is a wonderful theme song for the remembrance underway for us all! Always appreciate your participation and sharing Karen. ♥✿

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