A Powerful Weekend Of Divine Love

20150405_120633_2This weekend, which included a Cosmic Trigger, was an incredibly powerful and palpable experience of Divine Love. I found myself smiling more than usual and could even feel a difference in my posture, as if my head were being slightly tilted toward the sky and my spine relaxed but especially straight. It felt important to acknowledge people more, whomever I happened to cross paths with in various scenarios, to make eye contact and express in some way my appreciation of them and their presence in the world. This was quite meaningful and continued to elevate my being and spirit even more as the weekend progressed. Everything seemed brighter, illumined in some way, the music I experienced touched me more deeply – as if in that moment, it was the most beautiful music I had ever heard. All the little things my egoic self had been knit-picking at the prior week during that big integration period, all lifted and seemed to magically dissipate into nothingness.

And then there were the harmonics… oh my beloved of all that is holy and true – the harmonics, Gaia’s song, were incredibly amplified through the wind and the sway of the trees and the bird song and even the movement of the Sun as it made its daily sojourn from the eastern to the western sky. These magnetic anomalies such as the trigger on Saturday create a powerful vibrating hum in the body, as well, and as we open up our hearts, we become conduits for these pure and conscious frequencies. More than ever, I truly felt like an instrument of Peace this weekend. All the details the mind attaches to so effortlessly fell away, or remained in the vibrational space they originated in while I hung out with my own higher potential, aligned with a much truer aspect of who I AM.

Wormholes continue to activate, puncturing the density and penetrating spacetime dynamics. These same wormholes also exists within your mitochondrial DNA and are used for shapeshifting the cells with pure, Divine HUman DNA. More and more of humanity will be experiencing this soon, it feels as if we are truly doing really well. And how can we not be? Such is the love that is here now, connecting the stargate of our hearts with these higher gateways.

Be open to the generous spirit, the essence of giving and loving and appreciating that is so present and available now, it is quite stunning and it will transform you. Everything is brand new with this love, be willing to dwell in those spaces and take care to free yourself from the perceived limitations (illusions) the old self tends to cling to. I wanted to highlight the photo here, it was in the slider I shared in yesterdays post, but deserved its own appreciation and spotlight. The heart in the center of these 3 rocks (trinity) is as big as my body in height, “love” being so carefully supported by these 2 strategically placed and equally massive rock on either side. It is a ceaseless wonder to me, how devoted the vibrational world is in reminding us not only of what is true – but of who we are.

As you continue to breathe and settle into these new spaces of harmonic and light, be conscious of where and how and when you can be supportive of Love, creating space for it in situations and with persons that need it most or have forgotten their greater connection to ALL THAT IS. As we live more and more closely to our higher levels of being, which vibrates love always, we are effectively turning up the volume of Light within us and in our world. As it has always been and will continue to be so – we are creating the experience of life as we go. Blessed be, beloveds, that more and more, we are doing so consciously and trusting our hearts as we go.

Have a Beautiful, Joy filled Week of Light, Remembrance and Love New Humans,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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