A World Transforming

Abstract_Fantasy_640x480_222Yesterday, true to the usual flow, I went to the river with Samadhi Blue. I sat on a huge rock beside the eternal flow of life within the river and in the peace and stillness of that moment a small gathering of cerulean blue butterflies came and alighted beside me. I reached my hand gently into their center and delighted in their willingness to walk onto it, lightly touching their sinuous legs along my fingers and palm. And then, a moth came to join the energies of the moment. A small brown moth, about half the size of the butterflies, just flew into the mix as if it too, belonged. And what I saw and felt within the wonder of this experience was a reflection of the dance underway for our species at this time.

The butterflies embody the energies of transmutation and joy. They are the beautiful mutation of our fullness, encompassing many frequencies of color and light. The moth is a creature of metamorphosis, reminding us that in each phase of transition, each new adaptation to shifting surroundings, we must determine what stage of our expansion we are ready to embody and become: egg, larva, chrysalis or flight? With their willingness to come and merge their nature so freely with my physical aspect, the higher realms offered the insight into the full scale transformation underway right now, for all of humanity.

When we truly embrace our Divinity, the inherent Unity and Creationary Power we have to create worlds out of nothingness and to do so for the One purpose of Love, a sense of Supreme Joy overtakes our human condition. We then see ourselves in both the chaos and the confluence, the separation and the Unity, in the one who has forgotten their way and in the one who has remembered their destiny. Then, the most important thing becomes our full Love and participation in the determination and intent to bring the whole spiral with us to a New Creation of Existence.

excerpt: A World Transforming,
The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A  New Age Of Light


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