The Forgotten Song

We are breathing in the deep spaces of a new sun as we become ONE with the Solar Cosmic Christ. This is the pure, true Ascension we all seek. The Solstice energies and the accelerated June energies are well underway. Many of us are in ongoing revelation/activation mode, thanks be to the profound support coming onto the planet. Anything other than peace and aha moments are opportunities to get clearer about what you want and to make new choices accordingly. In this new phase of the creative Self, your Higher Self/Higher levels will insist and direct you to express in a brand new way. The lower levels of the mind, ego or emotions will not be involved. They may push back against the Higher Self takeover, however this is our evolution.

The Multidimensional Merge Sequences continue this weekend as we prepare our hearts and minds and lives for the Solstice next week. This video from A Course In Miracles came to me in a synchronistic way … with layers of metaphor and beautiful Sun imagery, it felt aligned to share with you at this time. The Forgotten Song stirs remembrances of forgotten aspects of Self and life and in so doing, reminds us that right now is the moment we’ve always dreamed of, for our Selves, for those we love and the greatly changing world we live in.

Please consider joining us next Sunday for a New Human Solstice webcast. What I know for sure is that the transformational energies running will be on behalf of BALANCE  – a new balance, one that compliments this Merge Sequence underway. Everything just feels so different and I AM grateful for that… learning to balance our lifestreams during this embodiment phase of our Ascension is key.

The Light in Me honors the Light in each of YOU – what a truly brilliant experience we are in.

One Love Always,

The New Human Solstice Gathering
Sunday 6/21 @ 11:11am eastern

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4 comments on “The Forgotten Song
  1. beshelja says:

    Cherishing this. really taking time out to relax and receive, no where to be. relax and receive, not so easy but getting easier.

    • DeAnne says:

      old patterns and conditioning are not easy to reset – one day at a time with intention and patience is a strategy that goes a long way! xo

  2. Karen says:

    I AM wanting to SHINE brightly my BEloved ONE <3 and
    I yearn to dwell in my spacious heart to hear my Souls'Song….Blessed BE <3
    Serenely Beautiful xxx

    • DeAnne says:

      You ARE shining brightly new human Karen – and all the universe celebrates the spacious heart you dwell in!♥

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