Empowering A New Voice

58baee79a53b710b84138a9076c2ef7bGood Morning Light Tribe,

There are so many gifts manifesting from this Solstice Gateway – and yet the same intensity that allows for expansion can also result in extremes, acting out and reactive tendencies within the macro world as well – people are snapping! It is challenging not to get pulled into the disorder and drama of it… many are being magnetized to the edge of their energy field right now – and it opens one up to the extreme polarity underway in this acceleration – thus the chaos of what is going on “out there.” Your responsibility as a Champion (shining ones input) and Conduit of this new light is to come back in – to TAKE opportunities to come in and connect with your center. Even something as simple as overnight camping in the midst of a reality that feels there is just too much to do and not enough time to do it and with so much in a downward spiral… take time to be and to connect with what is true.

Really notice how the inner dialogue is changing because along with the consciousness rewrite, a different voice is being empowered. This is one of many interesting revelations we will explore in the Solstice Webcast this Sunday. In chakra readings the consistent pattern I am seeing with people at this time is a direct correlation between the solar plexus, the heart and the throat chakra – the throat or voice, 5th chakra is about your identity out in the world. As your relationship with power changes, so too will the relationship you have with your voice! “Someone new” – a new aspect of Self is talking now – notice there is a very new voice in your head than the one you might be use to!!

I am not sure where all the webcast this Sunday will go~ that is the magic of it right? 😉 I just know that everyday as we near this Solstice Gateway, the energies have a very different and new harmonic – the Shining Ones say it is the harmonic of the Truest Self – Divine New Human. I have felt this in the activities I AM being drawn to this week and in the ones I miss. These amplified Solstice rays are fine tuning our interior with the same care and precision a piano tuner tunes a piano. Along with some fatigue and consciousness tuned to a different order of reality, notice how this magnetization is affecting your body and mind and heart. There is a different trajectory on the other side of the Solstice for those consciously engaging the new possibilities we are being shown, deliberately being new in opportunities coming in. I know the transmission will have a very strong center to anchor the primary energies of this Gate on behalf of all.

So come and play, come and delight and join in and merge with the highest expression of Multidimensional you! I AM feeling very much like this flower above, magnetically drawn to the brilliant Light of Summer~ we are the New Human rays of a New Sun.

One Love,

The New Human Solstice Webcast – Balance, Gratitude, Acceleration
Sunday, June 21st 11:11am eastern

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