Reflections of Trust

Good Morning New HUmans,

I AM sure you are experiencing profound moments of insight and deepening in your journey and reality. The vibrational world is lit up with fractal energy and crystal essence, inviting us into revelation and truer alignment with new dimensions of time and space. 5th World is vibrating strongly and portals are everywhere open and easily accessed. It is a magical time and the acceleration continues as we settle into this passage between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox with the last of the Blood Moon Gates.

Yesterday was another of those unassuming days when the known reality quickly shifts into Mystery, asking for expanded perception and open awareness. We went to visit some local falls, new to us, and decided to forgo the main trail and bushwhack our way down the side of a mountain pretty far down stream from the falls. 20150626_143022The idea was, once we reached the river, to use its path as our guide back up to where the falls were. This whole scene was magical and beautiful and about 2 hours of effort, but at last we reached this spectacular 100 foot waterfall.

We played and climbed and rested around and under this waterfall 20150626_142713for almost an hour – and feeling filled up, decided to head back to the main trail. We asked the handful of people who had come to the falls while we were there how they had gotten there, knowing they didn’t do the same extreme cavorting we had decided to do! They pointed to a nearby trail, fairly steep and rocky, assuring us it led to the main trail. This was a relief as the alternative, retracing our route, would’ve taken hours at best.

Up we all went – happy to be heading back to rest and dry clothes and food! After just 10 minutes of climbing, the trail ended abruptly! The options were a 50 foot drop into wooded nothingness or a 20 foot 20150626_152152rock wall with a single rope hanging down the center!! We were standing there a bit stunned, clearly we couldn’t climb that wall with a dog?? Question marks danced in the atmosphere over all of our heads!

About this time a young couple came up the trail behind us, we asked if this was the way they had gotten down to the falls and they affirmed the rock wall as “the trail.” It seemed an impossible situation. Bodhi is agile and quick on his feet but this was a VERTICAL WALL with very minimal shelf like indentation. The rope was the leverage – I was not seeing it – yet Jim kept saying “we will get him up that wall.”

Bodhi started to whimper a little – he is smart, he saw where he needed to be and the dilemma at hand. The 2 young people that had come up had some strap and carabiners and looking at the simple backpack we had – suggested creating a makeshift harness to lift Bodhi up! 20150626_151823He was very patient as we attempted to craft this rudimentary solution to a BIG dilemma! It was such an opportunity to stay IN the moment and out of the mind, out of what if and worst case scenarios.

Jim decided I needed to go up the wall first – and he would kinda guide Bodhi and lift him to me in various stages… this plan quickly went south as there was NOTHING for Bodhi to balance on and the pack was precarious at best. With me half way up the wall, Jim just picked 65 lb Bodhi up, grabbing the rope with both hands and began climbing. Every time they got close to the 3 inches of nothing I was standing on with one foot – I would reach down and help to pull up on the harness – then climb a little higher and repeat the sequence. People above the wall and people below the wall watched with me, as Jim’s arms jerked with the gripping and climb motion and his body swayed from side to side with the weight of his passenger. It was a long 5 to 7 minutes as this scene played out!

Yet, all the while, this miracle unfolded, a light infused moment that became this beautiful teachable one. From the second Jim picked Bodhi up until he was up and on solid ground once again, this 4 legged being did not flinch, didn’t make a sound, no signs of panic or stress. He completely surrendered to the moment – with a level of trust felt by all. It was an exceptional experience and both our little tribe of 4 and the greater tribe that had gather to watch – were touched by this effort and outcome.

20150626_135317The experience remains with me – the energies so palpable with presence and light. Easily this deepened the bond between Bodhi and Jim – but there was a deeper reflection and gift to be had. The opportune moment begged the question I extend to you here… “what level of trust do you possess, who or what do you attribute that trust to, is this trust something that emanates from the strength of your own center, independent of circumstance or other – or is it a trust that is dependent on certain persons yet not so confident without them, how deeply is your surrender in relation to your experience of trust?”

In Bodhi, in that moment, we all experienced what it is to LET GO – truly, to turn it all over and TRUST unconditionally. It was really magical and moving, even as it was harrowing. We all just focused on the task at hand and “moved without thought” until we achieved our objective. Jim kept saying to him, “don’t worry buddy – I’m going to get you up that wall!” And that he did! One moment we were in uncertainty – the next moment, we were free. All was well. The minute Bodhi discovered he was on flat land again, his utterly still demeanor shifted to his nose and he ran right over to someone’s lunch bag laying on a rock! Another example of living in the moment – letting go and moving on – living free!

In this NOW, no matter what you are doing, where you are or what comes up, there is grace. And in that grace, solution to seemingly insurmountable moments. This is the nature and promise of love – a love that never fails. (tap on pics to enlarge ;))


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3 comments on “Reflections of Trust
  1. Kathleen says:

    This is such a great story DeAnne! It echoes my experience with the fire in our area this week. I had to come to a place of trust that all was and is truly in Divine order even thanking the fire for its commitment and intelligence. As with the smoke story I shared with you earlier, the fire appeared to be nearing our sacred grounds. There was even an unconfirmed report that a structure had burned in Section 33 where our land is located. I chose to feel peace within, knowing that whatever the outcome this too was an opportunity to meet the fear with love and allow the fear to be dissolved. So now with over 30,000 acres burned in 11 days the fire is 50% contained, it has been cloudy for the last 3 days and today rain is forecast. We went to visit the land yesterday and with so much gratitude I am happy to report the fire did not visit us and is now burning in on itself. It has been an amazing 11 days of holding the love and peace within, choosing to stand in the faith of a benevolent universe and simply be.

  2. Cat says:

    Beautiful teachable moment for us all! Thank you for your ability to clearly relate the symbolism of this amazing experience. I AM learning to trust more and more in Divine Order with each passing day. (Bodhi is an awesome being. Animals teach us so much.)

    • DeAnne says:

      One of my favorite quotes since I was a child really is, “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry It resonates deeply because it speaks to the vibrational world, to seeing with your feeling nature and not just the literal details at hand. This connection to the vibrational world is innate to us, an essential part of our nature and it really does change every experience. It is comforting and gratifying to witness a time when humanity is remembering this essential nature and I feel blessed to “share the language of it” here.:-) Yes Cat, I must agree – Bodhi is pretty awesome – his name is no accident! lol and Kathleen, I continue to hold the light high for these earth challenges, you are a blessing to Section 33, thank you for that! ♥

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