Instruments For The Divine

5d earthI was on my way to mountain bike a few days ago and found myself deeply immersed in all the earth changes underway. It was not my mind that was processing the extreme environmental conditions currently enveloping so much of our beautiful earth home, I felt suspended in vibrational web that allowed me to feel and hear the Earth Mother, intimately so. And without forming a question, I was asking the Shining Ones what to do, was there something more to do in direct support of Gaia’s shifts.

I had a strong and powerful mountain bike experience, pushing perceived limitation while covering miles of pristine forest land. I felt so seen and loved by the mother, at One with all of the nature kingdoms. Bodhi was feeling it too – it was as if we were again, suspended just above the 3D realm and experienced a freedom and lightness and joy that defied reason really, we seemed to be carried by an “other dimensional” support.

Red faced and well spent from this 90 minute adventure of immersion and collusion, I was driving home along the Blue Ridge Parkway when the Shining Ones began filling me with the answers I was seeking just before hitting the trails. There is to be a New HUman Fall Equinox gathering at the Ancient Site here in Asheville – we will be creating a portal to anchor the Equinox energies – and through the lei lines present at the Ancient Site, will be sending this energy out to work directly with Gaia’s Grid. This is the heart of what those called will be engaged in, there are many more specifics in detail, attuned to the energies of 5th World, this is what I AM guided to relay thus far. It will be a sacred rite with the Shining Ones present and presiding over all.

If you are feeling a nudge of yes, I encourage you to NOT THINK. Meditate on the photo included here because it is a vibrational placeholder. WE will be the conduits employing sacred geometry to ground nurturing sustenance and frequencies of power as a new grid on behalf of our beloved Earth. The speed with which the Shining Ones responded to, “what more can we do” to help our planet is a tangible example of how quickly energies are manifesting when we are centered in the desire to love and serve.

The Flyer of the New Human Equinox Event is below – feel free to email me with your interests, soon!
Light of Oneness, DeAnne

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