Fall Equinox Event Guide

Hello Everyone,

So grateful and happy for this opportunity and for YOU, who are heeding the call as the tribe gathers on our beloved Gaia’s behalf. I am going to start filling in some necessary details here, things you will need to know and bring and be prepared for…

20140907_110541We will be spending 2 full days in nature… not your ordinary nature! The environments I AM called to and work with tend to be more pristine and “less civilized” – so the terrain may be muddy, with stream crossings and rocks to climb on etc. You want to wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. Perhaps permanently dirty! 😉

People always ask about shoes with Vortex Tours and I tell them, “wear what you know you are comfortable in.” I often wear tevas to climb steep terrain… trail running shoes are another go-to for me. Others prefer sturdy hiking shoes… it really is an individual preference. Contemplate this, know yourself and plan well.

If you are not used to a lot of activity, I would suggest to start “training” now! 🙂 We will be doing some climbing – the Shining Ones woods pretty much have NO flat land. We will pace ourselves and adjust for varying activity levels but it is my intention to get everyone to everywhere the energies call us to!!

You will need some type of back or hip pack to carry water and food in.

Plan for layers – it will be Fall and temperatures in the mountains can vary greatly from morning to evening and day to day. It is better for hiking to not be weighed down so again, layers versus a coat or heavier jacket is best. My ideal layering would be short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece pullover, rain jacket. This is just for a barometer, think about what you have and gauge accordingly. I am usually in shorts!!! but if you are sensitive to poison ivy it is best to be covered. Again, allow comfort and intuition to be your guide. I have never had issues with poisons of any kind because my intention is ONENESS with the nature I am in. Meditate on that Oneness.

Bring a swimsuit or something to swim in.

Depending on where you are traveling from – bringing towels and bedding ( for cabin stayers) is    optional. As the time draws near – I have community I can borrow any extras we need from – it will all be perfect.

You may submit any questions that come to you below. This page will be for those who have signed up only and a way to begin building connection and community among one another. You obviously all know one another already!

Whether you are staying in the cabin or somewhere locally – we will plan to go to dinner together around 5 on Monday the 21st … and then gather for some fun and play time and celebration at Skinny Dip Falls on the morning of the 24th!

More to come as the Shining Ones continue to expand the fullness of this new Human Equinox Initiative. Gratitude to ALL! ♥♥♥

Bodhi Magic – the Vortex hound will be our guide! 🙂Panthertown_2

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32 comments on “Fall Equinox Event Guide
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I know I will miss my 2 dogs so I’m looking forward to having Bodhi to pet and frolic with.

    I’m flying in at about 8 AM on the 21st at the GSP airport in SC and renting a car. Does anyone need a ride from there around that time.

  2. DeAnne says:

    I am feeling the energy and LIGHT building as different people come in to join and contribute to this event. Feeling very grateful for each of you!

    re: cabin stayers! There is a Whole Foods 10 minutes from your front door to stock up on totable water and snacks for the woods and all other needs really! There will be plenty of time for that either before or after dinner Monday – we will firm up those times as the dates draw near so we can allow for different arrival times! xo

  3. Deanna Medley says:

    YaaaaaAAaaaaaaay 🙂 I am so excited to be participating in this event and so excited to be part of this new family! Looking forward to meeting all of you! Deanna ~

  4. Solita says:

    hey judy & deannas

    just saying hello and how thrilled i am to be meeting more team members, as well as, meeting more family…

    i am just so filled with the majesty of what i know already about the expanded family.. i know its gonna be FASCINATING learning more..

    just breathing in the glory of all this brings in a smile..

    hey deanne, skinny dip falls feels delicious…..can’t wait….


  5. joyfuljudy says:

    Deanna and Solita will both of you be staying in the cabin? I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    jj (which stands for: Joyful Judy)

    • Deanna Medley says:

      Yes, staying in the cabin! Can’t wait to meet everyone and possibly stay on an extra day or so! Will anyone be staying on an extra day that has accommodations to share? ? See you there ♡

  6. Solita says:

    im staying in the cabin joyful judy and looking forward to the same.

  7. joyfuljudy says:

    I”m pleased that there is Whole Foods store so close by.


  8. joyfuljudy says:

    They’re doing a good job.


  9. DeAnne says:

    I AM scoping out THE exact place that is vibrationally conducive for the work we will do with the French Broad River… I found a location where there are giant flat rocks clustered out in the middle of the river. This would be PERFECT because it would remove us from 3D energies as well as clear our fields. Trick is – we will have to wade out there lol it looks to be no more than knee deep but I am thinking “water shoes” might be appreciated by those who are not keen on walking on a river bed. I am going to take Digby for a test run – just to make sure it is doable by humans other than myself cause there is pretty much no place I won’t venture to in nature if I am called. You don’t have to buy anything special – just be prepared to have an alternate pair of shoes other than the ones you get wet – as we will go directly to the Shining Ones woods after this ritual. ✨?✨ ?

  10. Solita says:

    i have to find my garden clogs then… i used to have rubber shoes somewhere………i can feel the river…..nice …. nixing the shoes

  11. DeAnne says:

    Morning Equinox Tribe,

    So much is shifting and flooding in with this New Light – I AM pretty sure I found our spot for the Ancient River Ritual over the Lion’s Gate Weekend. More that is transpiring around the Ceremony at the Ancient Site is to encourage each of you to bring an offering for the Earth/Great Spirit/ the Goddess/ New Light etc – that will be absorbed into the ritual on the day of the Equinox. Now that the Lion’s Gate is almost complete with all that that entailed for each of you – the Shining Ones suggest that your attunement and individual role in this experience will begin to communicate to you more clearly and you will be guided what to bring and gift into the intention and portal of this all important day. Don’t think too much – TUNE IN AND FEEL – it is no accident you are coming and you have much to contribute vibrationally. Think crystal, feather, seeds, tobacco, special nature items you have gathered from your part of the world… the more personal and meaningful to you the more powerful the “gifting” will be to the greater energies of the Great Serpent and Spiral of Light. I am so grateful for your presence – this will be an amazing – NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN time together – as ONE with all that is! xoxoxo

    • Smiley10 says:

      Hello Tribe!

      I look forward to meeting you all on this beautiful equinox gathering. I have an extra pair of size 8 hiking shoes which have not been worn much. I’m happy to donate them. I’ve been clearing out my closet and discovered I have three pairs! I am happy to ship them in advance.
      Audrey :~)

      • DeAnne says:

        DARN! Wish I wore an 8! 😉 That is a thoughtful and kind offer Smiley – hopefully someone can benefit!

        Since the river excursion – I have been looking for sticks that are suitable for hiking to have a supply as an option. Just having one can be helpful for keeping balance. So far, not finding much in the nature so if you have hiking poles or walking sticks etc and can easily bring – please do so! Even if you don’t use, sharing would be appreciated! 🙂

      • joyfuljudy says:

        Audrey, are you staying in the cabin?


        • Audrey says:

          Hi JJ,

          No I’m not staying in the cabin. I’m looking into Airbnb which has been a good source in the past. Can’t wait to meet you all!
          :~> Audrey

          • joyfuljudy says:

            My husband and I just returned from an AirBnB here in CA. It was great and a really good price. I’ll intend that you find what you are looking for. See you soon.


          • Audrey says:

            Thank you Joyful Judy :~)

    • Deanna Medley says:

      As soon as I started reading this i began to rock back and forth and I began to tingle all over! Can’t wait to see you all ♡♡♡

  12. DeAnne says:

    P.S. PLAN TO BRING A JOURNAL!! Special for the Fall Equinox energies!

  13. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    I’m planning to bring some organic brown rice and organic quinoa to cook up for the cabin ladies (if you so desire). I will bring condiments but not the olive oil. If you would like to share with me could one of you bring the olive oil?

    See you in 25 days.


    • Audrey says:

      Gracias DeAnne for making for lighter travel and the adventure awaiting us! This chick will probably need 2 sticks. Lol!

      • DeAnne says:

        lol you are funny miss audrey – that might can be arranged – I will put you order in – Mother Nature is very accommodating!:-)

  14. DeAnne says:

    I have been collecting “nature” walking sticks for everyone~ 😉 I know some of you are bringing hiking poles which is fine – and if you prefer not using one that is cool too! What prompted me to gather these supports was the trek across the river! lol That will be an adventure for sure!!

  15. Solita says:

    I’ll be getting in to Greenville by bus around 10am And will scoot directly over to the airport to get my rental car. If anyone is getting in around 10- 11am I will be happy to give a ride.

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