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Clearing The Path

Remember not to think, thinking sends you down the rabbit hole. There is nothing wrong with a good free fall, but we are shifting the gears of our understanding about the nature of existence – the true nature of love.

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Exploring With August Energies

There is a new level of communication from the Earth present with this new month of August 2014. I encourage you to spend time exploring and experiencing the New Earth vibrations and really sense the integration of Cosmic activity grounding

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Natural Laundry Detergent

Hi Everyone! Here is a simple recipe for non-toxic detergent that you can make at home. I was so happy to discover it because a lot of the “natural” formulas use borax, which is itself, quite toxic. Why switch to...

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As a sovereign being, the emotions and mind remain still in the midst of all circumstance, consciousness lifts always to the light within all experiences and love becomes the guiding principle in all decision making and relationships. It is a

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Portals of Opportunity

There are so many gateways and magnified shift points happening on a regular basis it is hard to keep UP! But here comes another August 4-12, a window to really clear, infuse your passion and feel the excitement for this

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A Peek Into August

I’m curious about your first thought at looking ahead into another new month and what it will entail energetically. Excited? about the possibilities of it or a bit hesitant with all the intensity and change that seems to be driving

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Shadow And Light

After days of glorious sun and beautiful breezes, we have had a couple of days of clouds and cool summer rains. The weather never deters me from time in nature and the 4 leggeds always want to go and have

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