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Balance, Harmony, Ascension

As the hubbub and spin around this time of year gets into full gear in the 3D zone – take time to really BE WITH YOUR SELF, listen to, sit in council with and feel your vibrational being in new,

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We Are Here

A beautiful and compelling song from and by Alicia Keys… listen to it watching her video, listen with eyes closed or scroll down from the video and listen while viewing some snapshots of our humanity! Whichever or all you choose,

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Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,
The Asheville Yoga Studio was closed on Thanksgiving for all their regular classes, but they were offering a “get ready for turkey” 2 hour intensive class and in exchange asked for donations to our local food

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It began with the intention of acknowledging the many blessings of an awakening being… and with a small slip of my finger on the keyboard I found myself contemplating the word blissings. BLISSINGS  – a life filled with bliss, ongoing

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Today Is Your Day

Ok – so we are all anticipating yummy foods tomorrow and a day of tradition and family gathering… often at this time of year we are thinking of making room for indulgences by eating less and perhaps exercising a bit

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Releasing The Old

There is a beautiful paradox in release… to the conscious thinking mind, release implies something we must give up, the essence of going without. When looking deeper into the true nature of release, we feel it as an energy of

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In Between Worlds

Are you feeling it? That floaty inbetween space, not where you use to be but not quite in the new realities and possibilities that beckon from everywhere and nowhere all at once? There is a vast wilderness of Cosmos that

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In Love With Life!

I went to a revival today! 🙂 Actually it was just a really inspiring Align and Flow yoga class with Joe! From the music mix to the 50 very diverse and inspired people attending – it was one of those

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The Creator And It’s Creation

All around us beautiful Creation, life, possibility and potential. When Father, Mother, God considers all It’s Creation, there is never judgement or disappointment, that is a vibration that only exists in separation and density. The act of Creation itself implies

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New Possibilities For A New Hu~manity

Greetings Beloved Tribe of Crystalline Beings,
I trust you are loving and welcoming the November energies with conscious intention and presence. The accelerated timeline activated by Gaia and Hu~manity last month initiated a highly creative passage – the October Gateway stimulated

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