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Rare Blue Moon Today

Today’s appearance of the month’s second full moon will be the first such occurrence in the Americas since August 2012. Every month has a full moon, but because the lunar cycle and the calendar year aren’t perfectly synched, about

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Pendulum Swings, Becoming More HUman

Greetings New HUmans,
Today is the last day of the final July gateway. We must consider that each of these amplifications, whatever their focus, are preparation for coming energies and upgrades. 2015 is moving us right along and at warp speed

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Harnessing Love, Transmuting Fear

Good Morning Light Tribe,
We are 1/2 way through this Pre-Moon Gateway with profoundly deep experiences of the Divine, of the divine in ourselves and a much fuller experience of 5th World than has been possible prior to this moment. This

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Love is~

As we begin the last week of July, let’s rise to the occasion and 1st – intend to begin and end this week with LOVE, conscious, unconditional and unwavering LOVE. And 2nd – to practice random acts of kindness with

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Welcoming The Lion’s Gate

Beautiful graces of light flowing so abundantly on waves of crystalline frequencies ~ WOW
Today (the 25th) is the beginning of the final gateway for July – as well as the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal~ What has this day

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Deepest Dreams

Good Morning New Humans,
This meme sets the tone for a powerful contemplation inbetween the busy routine and hectic pace of life. We all have dreams, some small, some grand… ideas and visions of what we’d like to accomplish or achieve

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Becoming Real

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True Life Beckons

The Light is calling us into a resonant field that expands beyond seeming separation and differences, to an understanding and life chosen from the openness of sacred space, the emptiness and totality of the mystery that is the Light. The

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More Merge Sequences Activating

Good Morning New Humans,
I am being called to the Shining Ones Vortex more frequently now to prepare for the Fall Equinox. I had this magical experience yesterday up on the highest ridge that I share a bit of below. It

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Daring To Know My Self

Dear Beloved One that I AM!
Help me to remember that I AM the Light that is coming over the horizon…
that every color of Creation is an expression of the frequency of my inner most being.
I AM the shadow and light,

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