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Wherever Do We Go From Here?

This week I received a package in the mail. It was addressed to me with a return address of Amazon Fulfillment. I had not ordered anything, couldn’t imagine what it was. Inside the outer white envelope was a tiny, well

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Webcast: September 8 2019 ~ The Generous Present Moment

August 2019 has been a month of new star gates activating around the planet – with the energy of DISCOVERY extended as an invitation. It has been a VERY BIG MONTH! There are not words to describe the level of…...

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The Gift

OH the fullness and beauty of this NOW. It really is all about the Self; knowing, believing in, trusting, allowing, serving boldly, living deeply, loving fiercely and remembering the Truth of who you are!!
August is just resplendent with energy;

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Hello Beautiful Shiny Humans~
Gratitude for the gracious response to yesterday’s webcast: The Light Advances, Huge Resolution To Old Stories: I feel very loved!!! WE ARE VERY LOVED – each and everyone. I spoke of the role Marianne Williamson

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New Human Sunday!!

I LOVE nature and the endless ways it shares its magic, its beauty and its love. The light in this photo captivated me in the moment. We were hiking up off the Blue Ridge Parkway and the nature at that

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