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Intention, Power, Peru!

As many of you are aware who follow the New Human Consciousness and Energy ~ the mantle of Consciousness on our planet shifted with the 2012 Gateway; from the Himalayas to Peru. This moment in all time and space, both

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Webcast: November 17th 2019 ~ From Mundane To Magical Life ~ Activating Crystalline DNA

So much is happening to reflect our embodiment in undeniable ways. This show will focus on how the new DNA sequences are manifesting in our lives and a deeper look at the nature of Crystalline DNA. I have a brand…...

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You Are Life! And It Loves You So

Happy November New HUmans!
My wish is that you are feeling celebrated, validated, supported, inspired, new and ALIVE with this NOW. November came in with more elevation, healing, clarity and release than we have experienced so far with the 2020

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