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Aquarius Full Moon, 8/22!

Breathe. Center Your Self. Find Your Strength.
 Aquarian Full Moon 8/22
The POWER that is present now just fills my heart. The Light of Truth that is present now, equally fills my heart. The radiance of Light

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Polishing From The Inside Out!

Hello Shiny People,
One of the messages that has been coming through so strongly in recent months, is how imperative it is that we take care of these physical bodies, strengthen them and prepare them for increased vitality and light. I

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Lion’s Gate/New Moon Part 2!

“She Cradles My Loneliness”
Christed Light
Golden Radiance
New Day
Promise of Rise
As Above So Below
Blissful Moments
Stillness Speaks
Newly Polished
and Heaven and Nature sings!
I woke up with an awareness bursting through my heart that I just had to share. Just coming off the

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Lion’s Gate/New Moon This Sunday 8/8!

Namaste’ New HUmans,
I wanted to reach out, joining your hearts and lives with mine, once more as we head into a brilliant weekend of transformation. As you can see from the photos here (tap to enlarge), the New Sun, Plasma

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