Aquarius Full Moon, 8/22!

Breathe. Center Your Self. Find Your Strength.

 Aquarian Full Moon 8/22

The POWER that is present now just fills my heart. The Light of Truth that is present now, equally fills my heart. The radiance of Light permeating our world in this NOW is stunning and transformative.

Everything on the outside is being intensified, increased, everything seemingly going in the wrong direction – FEAR FEAR FEAR! And yet, what I know is TRUE, is that you cannot stop the TRUTH!! Truth is its own clear frequency and its nature is to expose the lies and trickery and corruption in its path!

Disruption is something that happens when one thing comes to an end and something new is being introduced. Things are getting really loud – messy with distraction and distortion – which reflects a lot of desperation on the part of those who have long been in control. Out of desperation comes mistakes! Everything WILL BE EXPOSED in this new transparency. All this chaos, all this noise is a direct message that we are getting close to a break through moment. I feel this everyday! October will be epic – more on that to come! But for now, the control grip is lessening – it is just not working any more!

I don’t care how conscious or unconscious a person is  – who we are talking about or where in the world they are, this humanity longs to be free – this oppression has gone on for far too long and many lifetimes  – as a humanity we’ve stopped believing we can live in joy and be happy and celebrate one anothers gifts and thrive both physically and creatively and feel harmonious about our world.

Are you managing your consciousness
or being wielded by it?

Any time in our history where authoritarian regimes have ended, often there is violence for a short period of time – but what really leads to CHANGE, quick and decisive change, is when people say NO! We are not doing this any more. We are not participating anymore. The greatest power you have in every moment is just withdrawing your energy from one thing and then focusing all your consciousness and energy, your love, your creativity, your inner light of truth – on WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! What are you ready to REALIZE, for your Self and for the world we live in? EVERYDAY – that must be your one pointed focus, FEELING and getting your guidance, LISTENING to your knowing within. With all that is going on outside of us and around us – the greater purpose in ALL this recalibration energy is to INTEGRATE Self Revelation! The power of who you are as a CREATOR BEING.

August is typically strong for personal revelations. But when I AM out on the Earth, when I AM experiencing ongoing re-union with shiny humans that are showing up from all over the planet, aware of their star lineages, aware of their Lemurian and Atlantean connections, strong in their determination to live only from love, not fear…never have I felt or experienced such strong, pure, consciousness – expanding, heart-opening frequencies in my body, in my mind, in my own heart and in the formidable RISE of ascension consciousness directing every moment to the vertical dispensation. It is a powerful moment of Self Revelation. Strength and Unity Rising from within.


A movement of non-compliance at the highest level is upon us – not just in everyday humans doing their best to navigate the turbulence of everyday life – but noncompliance in law enforcement and government structures, in and across every system. The kettle is boiling and its about to SING!! The main line of consciousness on this planet is what is breaking down – that the world is not safe and inherently evil. Humans that reside in this consciousness do not trust themselves or existence. But that is CHANGING. Sometimes my mind is SO free and clear and in the moment, I feel like a new born child – clean slate consciousness – I can tell you the powers that be do not want THAT! They want us to keep living in the past and repeating the patterns of the past; WARRING. DIVISION. COMPLIANCE. FEAR. We must all be very vigilant around victim mentality, checking in daily to determine:


This is a choice, everyday, in every moment, in every circumstance. And when your choices are conscious and in the moment, aligned with radical, riveting, RADIANT Now moment – you will always choose CREATOR BEING – powerful CREATOR BEING. Because that is the Truth of who you are. You are not a victim – your true power lies in the awareness that you are a co-creator of reality in each moment. Spirituality is only as important as we can apply it to our lives and accept the responsibility of it.


We have a huge assignment, undertaking in the next several months. Most days I feel as if I AM piloting a spaceship with the awareness that there is a very CLEAR but refined flight path that I must be vigilantly conscious in navigating, maintaining the highest frequency (feeling nature) possible, because massive, destructive debris are ever present in full on assault!

I live in a safe universe and so do you!

This must be close to our heart as we explore and shift and respond energetically to all the destructive debris. REST IS ESSENTIAL. STAY WELL HYDRATED. SAFE GUARD STILLNESS TIME like a lioness caring for her cub. Be very selective how and where you spend your time and with whom. The media has never been more at odds with Truth than it is in this moment. Take care with where you are parking your consciousness and energy in any given moment. REFINEMENT of your own awareness rather than judgement of where others are will continually result in peace, bliss, knowing.

The image I included here came the day after a pretty big storm with torrential, flooding rains. As I climbed a trail early morning with Bodhi and Jyoti – we were in a thick fog, a lingering gray sky loomed above the trees. Finally, we reached the top, and this is what was waiting! Tears welled up from my heart just feeling the presence of this moment. The light of the new reality may not be fully anchored just yet, this still depends on you and me and the strength of our YES in accepting the full power of co-creator in our lives. But even with a “very present gray cloak on our world” – this moment equally so expressed new life, the colors of a verdant earth and a very clear rainbow bridge linking the heavens and the earth.


You cannot stop the Truth. It operates on its own frequency… exposing the lies and trickery and corruption in its path. The world is in need of Truth  – speak from your knowing, speak what is in your heart – it is important that you share it.

This coming week, initiated by tomorrow’s Full Moon, is a stargate alignment. This Full Moon in Aquarius on a MASTER NUMBER day emphasizes Self Care, Self Confidence, Clarity and prosperity in all endeavors. TIME TO MOVE FORWARD. Spend this day in creativity, engaging in inspiring activity, and SHARE SHARE SHARE, give voice to your wildest dreams and what you are ready to create! As we finish out August, expect more reality shifting influxes – knowing that the face of LOVE in this NOW is Leadership and Principle! Hope lies in our ability to respond out of LOVE and not out of FEAR. ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW. Allow you. Allow your light. Allow the Truth you incarnated with. Embrace every opportunity for change, compassion, forgiveness, sovereignty. If I feel a stuck moment, I find myself drawn into the Ho’oponopono Meditation we did in the July New HUman Transmission. ( This energy clearing practice is effective for the Self, for another and for a collective situation. ALL IS ONE. This is an empowered moment to shift to COSMIC PERSPECTIVE.

Energy is an ever present teacher so pay attention. As the fields expand, as the life within and all around you expands, all the realms become more pliable. Hence all the attempts to restrict realities! It is just not possible – we already have millions with awareness in multiple realms participating with a felt presence – felt UNITY ongoing. Keep your focus on right use of life force and Divine timing. Everything true is here for you and present within you. Shifting your path, thoughts, and services to accommodate your new trajectories requires patience and integration, stillness, discipline and trust. But you’ve got this. WE’VE GOT THIS! Unity is! And Love wins. Always!

I AM wrapping this world up in the golden radiance of LOVE’S TRUE POWER!

You are always in my heart – SO GRATEFUL for this New HUman Collective!

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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6 comments on “Aquarius Full Moon, 8/22!
  1. Jayne Herron says:

    SO GRATEFUL for you Deanne & your blessed work. I have benefited greatly from it over years! The shift of the ages & the lifetime of preparation – LOVE, TRUTH, for us All & our beloved Earth! Blessings to ALL, Everywhere!

    • DeAnne says:

      It is always meaningful to me when you stop by Jayne, for I AM equally grateful for your light and presence in the world. We are reflections of each other, I AM you and you are me – it can be no other way. Thank you for SEEING me, I SEE YOU TOO!! 🙏🏽❣️

  2. Judy says:

    Every morning I wake up knowing that I’m waiting for something special to arrive.

    Thanks for the pep talk and reminders.



    • DeAnne says:

      When I read your post Judy, the Shining Ones immediately responded with “consider that YOU ARE the something special you are waiting to arrive!”Everything is ALREADY HERE,it is just about where we are focusing our consciousness and energy and trusting the authority and beautiful LIGHT of your own being! ❣️

  3. ruty says:

    She arrived. Golden La Luna, last night.came far to south-edge of East-unusual(what is). earth must have shifted much.she peep behind a mountain slope.-I thought ‘what is this God there’?then she came up fast. Golden Feminine.fully pregnant.I jumped on the front table to be closer…hypnotized I guess. Thought of your Gold Wrapping this world.
    You did.Thank you DeAnne. Blessed Earth and all her citizens.

    • DeAnne says:

      LOVED “I jumped on the front table to be closer” – I so resonate with this Ruty! Wrapped in Gold we are – and we ARE the golden light we are wrapped in! LOVE YOU!

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