Solar Synchronization – Summer Solstice 2021

June 2021 Vibrates Acceleration
Leaps will be supported.
Summer Solstice Gateway creates a Grand Junction
6/20/21 11:31pm eastern


This experience is an opportunity to participate in the Expansion and RISE of this threshold of the Age of Aquarius, support by the oldest and most powerful mountains on the planet. It is so important that we understand that the energy of our planet, our world, our minds and bodies has SHIFTED! Moving forward requires a different relationship to our Selves, to our work, to health, to education, to money and resources, to community and sustainability and this planet. At the heart of all that new paradigm of understanding, is ENERGY. We must understand and be able to work with this new energy as an extension of new bodies, new lives, new purpose. We are no longer gathering intellectually and participating within the limitations of time and space. Those constructs belong to the systems and way of life that are dismantling on our planet. This NEW NOW is about embodiment, an organic change in our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and programs – which begins and ends with ENERGY.

Solar Synchronization is a 5 day immersion into ENERGY. 2021 vibrates 5, so straight away, this container will be created in energy and follow energy throughout, based on the energy of those that attend and the dynamics of the vibrational world. This approach to this Summer Solstice Gateway is already teaching, through frequency and vibration, consciousness and energy – how the new systems, communities and sustainable models of existence WILL BE CREATED moving forward. IN the moment, IN our feeling nature, attuned to the natural rhythms and wisdom of existence. The living library of the New Earth, 5D planet and the living library of a new HUmanity are synchronizing to one another, to Solar activity and Plasma Light, to the activation of this planet in a dynamic new role in the Cosmos. 

DAY ONE! Saturday, June 19, 2021: 10am to 4pm

We will open this container in an indoor space to synchronize our energies and intentions. The Shining Ones, who we are as Crystalline Beings and how to prepare our bodies and lives for this New Reality will be the focus of this day. There will be activities designed to help you experience your multidimensional self and opportunity for you to apply, express and embody that inner reality. The only requirement is to come empty, attuned to your own innate joy and the desire to truly know the part of you that magnetized you to this event. You will feel a shift in this first day of experience and activity to your own worthiness and wisdom, peeling off layers of protection, of resistance and doubt while deepening your awareness of the Divine Connection you share with each of the participants attending. 

You are encouraged to bring a journal, a crystal for activating, water and comfy supports unless you are flying. Spend ongoing TIME with your intention for coming to this space, journaling, observing how it will shift between now and June. This day will have a lot of magic, unknown, spaciousness and guidance to prepare your entire vessel for the Solstice Gateway.

DAY TWO: Sunday, June 20th Summer Solstice, Solar Synchronization

I was guided early on where to spend the actual day of this Gateway: a nature, vortex experience fully supporting the greater RISE for humanity and Earth underway and our profound connection with the Cosmos. I have actually never taken a group to this vortex before. It is located in one of the most intensely powerful grids in the entire region of WNC! This area is breathtaking and vast – expanding 11 miles and 2800 feet in depth. This is a Beacon Vortex, with both terrestrial and celestial ley lines, which is rare and potent. Celestial Ley Lines are invisible threads ( plasma filament) that are natural to the earth but extend into Extraterrestrial Territory. Far less common than terrestrial ley lines, celestial leys link the Sun, Moon and other planets in the Solar System, stars, and other galaxies to the Earth. The ancients were familiar with the celestial leys and used these beacon locations for special ceremonies, especially Sun and Star Ceremony and Ritual. These peaks literally lifted star priestesses and shamans closer to the heavens.

Celestial,Christed Consciousness, Beacon Vortex – spending time in this vortex, even getting there, is an event in itself. To do so on this Solstice Gateway 2021, will be both powerful and transformative. The energies here accelerate Expansion, Embodiment and RISE, energy expressing “beyond the beyond”, carrying consciousness to the furthest reaches of the consciousness spectrum, into reunion with the Greater Self. I understand that I AM under contract to these ancient ones and energies. I go where and when I AM called, bringing those attuned in some way to these areas, so that magic and synchronicity may happen.

Located in one of the 7 major Grids of the Smoky Mountains and formed by natural, potent planetary energy – this beacon vortex is energetically linked to other beacon vortices around the planet such as Bell Rock in Sedona, the Sun and Moon Temples in the Yucatan, Silbury Hill in S.W. England, Newgrange in Ireland and Zozer’s Pyramid in Egypt. LINKING Consciousness and Energy, New Earth Tribes and Communities, as well as power spots and the wisdom they have to share the WORLD OVER, IS the expression of Unity Consciousness and the Heart of the Aquarian Age.

The most powerful way to KEEP SHOWING UP to this NOW is to not think or need to know, but to feel what is already wise and ready for new expression, within you.

DAY THREE: Monday, June 21st,  Shining Ones Vortex

As many of you already know, it was the mystical appearance of a giant quartz, guarding a Lemurian portal in the Shining Ones vortex, that initiated the creation of this event! I have not actually included the Shining Ones/Ancient Site Vortex in a retreat since 2014! Things are so completely different and so much more has opened up and is ready to be explored and embodied as our planet grows into her Christed, Feminine Essence. This area is where I have been guided to open up both Diamond Magnetic Earth Energies out on the Earth and the new masculine energies, as well ~ both of which play a significant role in the New Earth Grid. You will be participating in grid work this day, which in turns, deepens your connection to your own energy!

I have often shared that this “100 acre wood” completely changed the entire trajectory of my life and continues to do so. We will begin this day @ the Lemurian portal ~ and then follow the energy and presence of this vortex as we explore Crystalline energy and topics, organic technology and the experience of quantum awareness. The sequence of these days, places and activities is guided by the influence of the Summer Solstice, the Solar Synchronization opportunity of this mid 2021 Gateway will deepen your capacity to honor and respect your commitment to this time!

DAY FOUR AND FIVE: Tuesday, June 22nd and Wednesday June 23rd Crystalline Waters

There are 3 different areas that each have strong magnetics to be included in this intention and time. I will wait to see who all the participants are and what they bring to determine which 2 of the 3 will be included and what order. The guidance is clear and strong to spend the final 2 days immersed in, surrounded by and embodying the crystalline waters of these ancient ones. This will both seal up the activation and light accrued in this Gateway – and facilitate more of your crystalline DNA coming on line for continued embodiment.

The 3 areas in consideration are equally beautiful, enchanting and flowing with abundant waters. One is north of Asheville, one is South and the 3rd southwest. It could be that the direction will be a factor, energetically, in where we end up in cooperation with the energy dynamics of Solstice Gateway. All 3 areas are electromagnetic earth energies, conducive to creating harmony, restoring order and balancing all internal and external systems while creating healing on deep and core, ancestral levels. These areas are very elemental with active fairy kingdoms, a playful, joyful invitation to return to and trust the Inner Self.


We will come together for a powerful Solstice week to rejuvenate, deepen, learn and practice new skills and fully empower our next level of service. If you have never been to spend time in these mountains, or even if you have, drinking in the beauty, power and presence of this place will still your mind and carry it into the mysticism of a perpetually altered state. It is easy to RE-MEMBER here that you are and have always been loved and free. There are compelling indwelling spirits here that will help you to connect deeply with your own. The surrounding mountains will shapeshift and the ancestors will send you visions – not just for your own life and well-being, but for a transforming and beloved world. 🙏🏽

Details for planning:

Lunch on the 19th will be provided.

For the 4 nature days, you will need totable snacks and water. Nuts, seeds, fruits, energy bars, etc. You know your body and what kind of fuel it needs for sustained energy. Please plan ahead. Each of the nature days, we will head out by 7:30 and end the day when we feel complete.

Bring a small backpack for your hiking and exploring days. Light weight and minimum is ideal. If you have hiking poles and like to use them, feel free. It will be warm by mid-June but mountain mornings can start off cool even in Summer. So, throw in an easy to stash layer. Wear shoes that you know are comfortable for you. I wear trail running shoes or Chacos – hiking shoes are fine but not required. Do throw in a bathing suit, sunscreen, natural bug repellent as an option, though I have never personally used any. Among many things, this immersion will teach you about living in harmony with the earth. The more present we are to each experience – the more our human aspects will shapeshift and be in harmony with all things nature. Truly the only disturbances in life are found in the mind. 

I have already helped a few people find lodging and am happy to make suggestions for you. The sooner you act on this decision, the more choices you will have.

Finally, REMEMBER, there are no choices to be made, just energy to follow. BREATHE. FIND A STILL POINT. Send your desires into your heart and you will know your alignment here and role to play.

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