Bowing To This NOW~

There are no words, no photos, no thoughts, no emotions, not even breath sufficient enough for this NOW! Without thinking about it – many of my photos are expressing this gesture above. Is it a reach? Is it an upward bow? an unbridled joy for the brilliant light penetrating this moment in all of human history? Wading through the crystalline waters that spiral around my human form with abandon, soft and delicate yet penetrating and insistent… what I know for sure is that my heart naturally gravitates to the Sun, Solaris, this light that lights an entire world. It is a powerful sensation, indeed, to feel this rise of Creation streaming through the body and the celebration of a time of a new Unity and a felt freedom for this species and planet.

I feel compelled to check in with you after the Solstice Gate – even though, again… there are no words for the process and embodiment we are currently experiencing. Here are just a few things to share, for you to contemplate and absorb as you find your own beautiful way into an expansive and unknown future. 

*something wants to take you, lift you, pull you up and out of the constructs, the confines of limitation and the shackles of false identity. This is not something I think – this is something I have felt and experienced and it is so tender and loving and wise. I feel this sensation often, yet it is most discernible in meditation. As I sit in stillness, breathing into my 3rd eye, I sense this vacuum like suction from above, covering my physical form – and yes, there is also a sense of motion, an upward, counter clockwise spiral. This “energy” speaks to me – the words “pull you up and out of the constructs, the confines of limitation and the shackles of false identity” are not my words… this is the sensation, the intelligence within this energy.

*I also, in my heart, feel this something beautiful happening to me. ( It is “Ok” and powerful to own that!) The sensation, if there were words – is that of, imagine if a caterpillar could sense what was happening to it – that it was about to become something so beautiful and free as a butterfly. And of course this metaphor (language most often used by the light) is all about transformation! 

*Related to the above experiences – but different… I frequently sense this spring (as in coil) sensation from behind. You know those giant yoga balls – if you have ever sat on one, it feels like you are being catapulted. I feel this buoyant lift in my feet – but also near my derriere – this sensation of being lifted some place higher. It feels very loving yet insistent – as a parent that knows its child is capable of walking (flying) on its own. 

I feel so much possibility and opportunity and LOVE – for the opening of our higher hearts AS a collective during these intense completion times of 3D, while moving into very new and unprecedented dimensional spaces. In one very real sense, NOW is the time most challenging to continue to feel, to heal, to BE and to love. Yet NOW is the time it is most needed and required. The Shining Ones say this is the time of our (humanity’s) great shifting back to light. Pay attention to what is embodying you AND our world. There is such a tenderness present. I feel the great Mother within and all around me – acknowledging as only a mother can – our struggles, our triumphs, our fears, our desires.. our violence, our pain, our alienation. Feeling the cries of the world is necessary to do as we move into our 5D, ambassador of love Self. 

*This is another key sensation after this Solstice activation: I feel so so in love with people – my heart is just so full – every person I see – I feel my energy just run up to them to share the TRUTH of this NOW and themselves – it is the sensation of love oozing out of my eyes and fingertips and pores. Along with this energy extending out – I feel this great love for the human experience and what each are experiencing and going through in their journey back to the light. This is all very relevant to this current passage and a key activation currently happening – that of you opening up your heart space to feel the cries of the world without BECOMING the cries of the world.

We are in the midst of intense global upheaval and transformation… this is the whole point and center to why you/we are here: to be the Christ Light catalyst of Unity Consciousness. Don’t get caught by surprise…get ready and set the course of your ascension with powerful intentions. Here are a few cues to prompt highest action and conscious choice in each moment:

* Be an astute observer of Self. Bring consciousness to what aspect of self is making the choices and thinking the thoughts of your day to day. Get out of routine. Play often. Laugh more, especially at self. NOTICE what you notice and the emotions that accompany that. Drink lots of water. Eat lightly but without judgement. Say YES as often as possible. Deny nothing as there is nothing to defend. If ever you considered jumping – JUMP NOW. Be aware of patterns and lovingly say, no more. Know that everyone is doing the best they can in that moment – but that nothing and no one is limiting YOU. Be willing to let your feet come off the ground because something NEW is here to support you. Stop making excuses. Live with grand gestures. Never forget that you are EVERYTHING!!! Grace exists and it is a well lit path before you. Allow yourself to SHINE in this NOW – because you ARE the light of the world and the world is in great need of what only you can share. There is only this NOW. Now is all that you will ever have.

In this midst of this great September passage ~ Peru has been shapeshifting in and out, illusive one moment, yet clear as a bell with intention and love and invitation. A new human in New Zealand sent me a video noting the beginning of the gathering of the grandmothers from 150 countries in Peru – culminating in 2020 – which vibrates to a 4. I talked with Adam about this piece, mainly to tell him that the intention of the grandmothers was aligned with this tribe of new humans. The next day he wrote to tell me he had arranged for us to gather with the elders in an Andean Pachamama ceremony in the very spot the video demonstrated.

4 – the heart of 2020 energy – vibrates knowledge and wisdom. The energy of 4 symbolizes the putting of ideas into form and action. 4 is both cerebral and realistic and traditionally represents the 4 elements and the 4 sacred directions. 4 is the number of Unity – a coming together and forming of a new center.

Something I spoke to and encouraged in you on the last show is my ability to follow energy – I AM really good at following nothingness – which is the threshold of the mystery. We do not need to KNOW everything, we need only feel what is and trust that with all our heart. Then the world opens to us and we emerge as a butterfly – newly transformed, adorned with authentic radiance.

Everything is here to help us and love us and facilitate our embodiment of the highest levels of Truth: Truth about ourselves, one another, this planet, its purpose in the universe and the future that is now, at long last, unfolding for our world. This Truth is a felt knowing that fills me with the sense of the potential and capacity that we have as a species for love, for goodness and for coming together as a community for the good of ALL. Remember that everyday! It can be challenging to feel this goodness capacity of humanity during this time of revelation and collapse – this time of shadow coming up to receive the light. This process of trusting goodness begins from within. As you serve yourself, so you can serve others. As you end violence from within, so you can end it with others. As you forgive yourself, so you can forgive others. As you love yourself, so you can love others. This is an incredible, transformational journey that your soul chose, understanding its capacity to feel in YOUR heart the goodness that lives and breathes in EVERY soul.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all –
and am SO SO grateful to be sharing this NOW,
with you!

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

P.S. 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️PERU 2020 – you are coming, right??? 💞🙏


Reminder: Global Unity Meditations EVERY Sunday!! 

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4 comments on “Bowing To This NOW~
  1. Ruty says:

    You stand in running pure water,here the rain been washing down for hours.
    feels so purposeful-clearing , purifying with strong winds.
    Your meditations are so…beyond my verbals.a unique experiences.

    Fare Thee Well on Shining Wings DeAnne-Mexico.
    Crystalline Core Love for you and The Shining Ones.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude and blessings to you in Cape Town Ruty. I appreciate your comments, always, and your presence here, as well! 💞

  2. says:

    Just reading your words, the joy and love and possibilities within them touch my heart and fill my soul. These are truly magnificent, magical times. Thank you for your love, your dedication and your willingness to be a shining light for us leading us into the unknown.

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