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The Outer And The Inner, As One

We are settling into a new rhythm and relationship to the reality around us since the last gateway. It was indeed, intense for all the right reasons and for those intent on awakening and change, the reality on this side

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Evolving World

The Earth is waking up with this humanity, shedding the density of the lower vibrating planes and choices to reclaim, once again, a truer reflection of a greater existence. You are empowered everyday to pivot from the unconscious habits of

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Treasures On The Trail Today

now that’s a SERIOUS acorn… hmmm makes me wonder about the winter!
p.s. remember to tap the pic to enlarge!!:-)

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New Human Lightseeds

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Because You Asked!! :-)

Here is the LIVE version of DeAnne taking the plunge at Linville Gorge. You can see my friend Ken, who has jumped many times, “instructing me” where to jump and NOT jump! lol And also, DeAnne waving at Bodhi down

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The Music Of The Moment

How often do you seek the magic in life and invite it into your world? How free are you when it comes to stretching your perceived limits while daring to do the thing you cannot imagine doing? Are you more

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Good Morning Beautiful World

Just sharing some joy and wonder with you from the landscape of my amazing world in the mountains I call home.
Personally, I am feeling the 2 realities very distinctly this last week – I can almost see them as parallel

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How’s everyone doing? We are in the midst of quite the acceleration, our physical and mental capacities are being stretched and massaged and transmuted, creating spaces for old emotion to leave and new DNA, new Light to settle in. There

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Loving The Self, Seeing Wonder

I went for an early morning hike with Bodhi on the mountain to sea trail and was met with one wonder after another… expressions of love, reflections of light, reminders of just how enduring and beautiful and constant our world

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Ascension Symptoms, The New Normal Continues

Selah New Humans, Over the past several weeks the New Day blog has talked about “typical” symptoms of a changing molecular chemistry as we transition to higher frequency and light. Since we are right in the middle of a pretty...

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