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Live It Now

Be strong for love. Be uncompromising and free with your love. Give more than you take and witness the waves of love increasing in your life. Dare to be more for love. Give love a chance to transform what seems

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Taking Charge, Becoming Responsible Creators!

There is a magnified energy of I AM present in the field NOW. The time has come when we must master the outer self and never again allow the material world, the illusion of form to interfere with the Peace

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Flawed And Beautiful

Good Morning Tribe,
I recently had a conversation with a client in the Walk The Path Of Light initiative that I found to be universally relevant. It is so easy to feel or think ourselves isolated and somehow flawed or different

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Still In The Silence

As I stand alone in Your great silence, God my Father, in the midst of me there blazes a pure light and it fills every atom of my whole being with its great radiance. Life, Love, Strength, Purity, Beauty,

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Webcast: 2014-10-18 ~ Co-Creating with October Energies

Good Morning New Earth Keepers, What an incredible time of Light expansion and new we are in. And the momentum just keeps building if you are ready and have surrendered to the Mystery of what is unfolding. We have another...

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Seekers Of Joy, UNITE!

Good Morning New Human Joy Beings!
I AM feeling the energies of the next New Human transmission this Saturday – with SUCH joy and anticipation and wonder! There is an incredible wave of energy coming in next week, another Cosmic trigger

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New Earth Tree House

Just a few very impromptu moments in our new home on a magical mountain morning! The cabin sits so high in the trees it feels like a little space ship here for a visit but ever ready for take off

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Discovery, Daring, Dominant Desires

Yesterday was a long, exhausting, wonder-filled day! All day long in the midst of carrying boxes and furniture up the mountain – I felt like I was on an expedition of some sorts. It was not until 2pm, when I

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DeAnne’s Believe It Or Not

Two nights ago was the Bodhi Tree event which was a big shifting point for me – and then all day yesterday we were moving and hauling and creating order!! I did, for Bodhi’s sake if nothing else, get up

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Being New

It takes a lot of commitment and courage to live in a perpetual state of New. It requires a lot of trust and determination when so much of the supported reality runs in grooves of sameness and ordinary. There is

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