Deepest Dreams

deepest dreams copyGood Morning New Humans,

This meme sets the tone for a powerful contemplation inbetween the busy routine and hectic pace of life. We all have dreams, some small, some grand… ideas and visions of what we’d like to accomplish or achieve with our lives. Today, I invite you to to create and hold the space for your dreams for the greater humanity. With so much chaos and density constantly bombarding us from the world of form, it can be challenging to see past it and feel the divinity present, the light within the shadow of every level of consciousness and unsettled energy in our world. Yet it is there as constant as the Sun that rises and sets each day. Really tune in and feel this strong wanting in your heart, the vision of an awakened humanity embracing their capacity to love and live in Unity once again. No matter how far we stray from the center of this capacity to awaken, the inner light and connection to Oneness never diminishes. Know that your willingness to hold the highest vision for your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, especially those steeped in shadow, fires the grid in such a way to allow them to choose and move in new and brave ways!

I will expand on this understand along with many interesting consciousness pivots that are present within the Ascension spiral at this time, in the next webcast. It all feels good and expansive and yet, very new  – making quick and decisive decisions illusive at times. We will run the energies of clarity in navigating this new territory on the next New Human webcast August 2nd! Please plan on tuning in – your presence contributes to the fullness of the show, always!

With Love for a happy, bliss-filled Saturday,

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5 comments on “Deepest Dreams
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I remember wondering what my wish would be if I just had one wish. This started back in childhood. It has not changed and now, I feel, my wish is about to come true. I always wished for world peace. Yippee!

  2. Georgina says:

    My deepest wish has always been to learn how to “think” as God thinks. I was completely demeaned as a child for the way I thought. I have always been able to telepathically communicate with the mineral, plant and animal kingdom, and as a child readily shared the information I had learned. I asked my mother one day if she could remember the angels beautiful singing, and that was the end of my sharing. I was told that people who thought like me were taken away, confined to a straight-jacket and locked in a padded room by themselves for the rest of their lives. I shut-up. Later in life I learned I was a conscious channel, thank God my spiritual friends never deserted me. I biggest dream is still to learn/remember to think as God does.

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    What a wonderful gift that you have, Georgina. Too bad you were made wrong for having it. That was so common. We are awakening now and the children coming in are operating from a higher consciousness.

    I love you biggest dream. Powerful!


  4. Karen says:

    Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

  5. Georgina says:

    for joyfuljudy: Thank you for your note. I feel blessed to be traveling this path with you. I stand in awe, wondering what the “children” of today will accomplish .. excited to witness THEIR Light (I think we will be astonished). Much love Always.

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