New Moon, A Month Of Powerful Shifts

3ff3848e-5f25-4611-b02f-2f99ec24d4cfHappy New Moon Saturday New Humans!

Surely this NOW is the Event Season! WOW! So many supports, so much movement and abundance flowing with invitation to new, new, new. As I mentioned in recent blog, LOVING YOUR WHOLE BEING is an essential element in the embodiment process. With embodiment, you are accessing and experiencing completely new and different intel and levels of awareness about your Self, your path and the shifting reality around you!

Along with this new level of Self Recognition, Self Acceptance and Self Love is an unshakeable increase in your own faith and trust. We ran transformational energies around this foundational piece for the September Shifts in the current New Human webcast – spend some time with those lightcodes in the replay! There is really nothing you have to do except recommit to your own faith and trust in your clear intentions and desires. The higher realms are here to assist and welcome your request for assistance.  Ask your guides, the Shining Ones, whomever and all you pray to embolden your commitment to stepping up and showing up and being willing to change what’s needed. TODAY is a good day to anchor something of a spiritual practice, to spend time in sacred nature and to honor your inner life.

We have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Sunday, September 13th at 12:42AM Mountain Daylight Time. I AM just shaking my head in awe and wonder at what a powerful month of SHIFTS this is. All total, we have * two eclipses – lunar and solar, *three planets changing direction – Venus, Mercury, Pluto, *two planets changing signs – Mars and Saturn, and last but not least – *The Equinox, Blood Moon Gateway! WOW!

Everyday now in my world is dedicated first and foremost to the Equinox – preparing my energy, my mind, my heart, my body and spirit for this opening and Light. My priority in that preparation is time in nature, in vortex energy, with the Shining Ones and working with the Sun!! Holding this eclipse period between New Moon and Full Moon on September 27, as an initiation, will support us in receiving the gifts and lessons unfolding in our lives.  Eclipses magnify the power of the Moon/Sun/Earth relationship intensely, and they reset our energetic bodies to the powerful present moment by interrupting the normal flow of light wave energy.  Allow this! Open your heart! Stay out of the mind – NO THINKING ALLOWED – and trust your feeling nature. Your body, your heart and your spirit will tell you what you need! Perhaps sky-diving is not on your list of things to do 😉 – but the metaphor of free falling, letting go into the nothingness would be a really good imagery to incorporate into your practice.

I also am offering these OM Tones to work with – sacred harmonics I have been sleeping with at night and toning with during the day. They will help you to focus IN on the vibrations of the essential Self, Divine you. It is so important to bring this vibrational aspect of who you are to the forefront of your life, your consciousness and choices at this time. This New Moon is the opening act of the play called “now or never” or “what are you waiting for?” Tune into that and listen for how the LSM and the HSM are coalescing to anchor a new center for Divine New Human to express from. Take care to move from stillness and a sense of calm, not with the urgency to get on with your life or with a sense of missing out on something. This is a time of great change but you don’t want that change to be carried by desperate desire or by a micromanaging ego attachment. TRUST. BE STILL. INTEND CLARITY in all things, open your heart to Existence and allow, allow allow. Co Create your life with this all pervading LOVE. It is who you are.

Sacred Acoustic Om

New Moon Mantra – I AM all the colors of the rainbow and I FLY FREE!

(tap photo)




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2 comments on “New Moon, A Month Of Powerful Shifts
  1. fitzcan says:

    I feel like this blog entry is like a prayer….and I end it with a peaceful AMEN.

    So much love to you, DeAnne! ♥:)

    • DeAnne says:

      Joyful WELCOME Jean – the symbol up top, the Om Acoustics , the parachute photo AND the blog itself are ALL synchronized to deliver certain hertz frequencies – thanks for being a heart centered receiver! xo

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