Ride The Wave, Surrender To Expand

20160320_075454Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

I AM back in Asheville, yet still in deep process… I will share a few thoughts for now. I just spent a week in a more expansive reflection of 5D/6D and feel deep gratitude to LIFE for the ongoing potential of more; more LOVE, more UNITY, more PEACE, more BEAUTY and more REMEMBRANCE of TRUTH. The Equinox Gates are still very much open, an incredible deepening of wisdom, seeing and knowingness. These are the themes to take into your stillness as we move into April.

20160320_090708I have much to share with you when the time is right ~ for now, a few of hundreds of captured moments from my time in Mexico. (click to enlarge) It will all be in perfect timing ~ but what I know of this NOW is that a very big energy is taking over on our planet ~ bigger than our governments and all of the systems in place, bigger than indecision and the snares of our own fears and resistances. On the one hand, this week has been incredibly intense, demanding that we go into spaces of our own interior life we didn’t know existed. And yet, from every direction known and unknown, messages and guidance, support and clearing coming in on so many levels and within so many layers. Just wow~
20160322_091621So, the message is to continue to ride the wave with all your heart and allow “the work” to be the most important thing. PAY ATTENTION ~ listen well, stay in your heart, love who you are deeply, merge with the Light unconditionally and intend that Divine Consciousness be your one and only goal. I love you and and so grateful for you ~ each and every ONE. ? DeAnne

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3 comments on “Ride The Wave, Surrender To Expand
  1. Michele says:

    Yes intense, I agree and it’s all so awesome as well. I so appreciate all that you do. Thank you and Love to you!

  2. Karen says:

    I have rested & received & played in the warm waves of the ocean turquoise blues & greens. What a delight it has been….truly blessed & truly grateful…… Namaste & Easter blessings to all <3

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    Glad to hear that you are back and looking forward to hearing more about your trip.



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