Wonder And Almighty Change

Last night I had a truly blessed experience that I AM still reflecting on. I was asked to assist one of my favorite yoga teachers in her annual Hot Stone Restorative Yoga event. This is an opportunity at a time of the year when the pace picks up and stress tends to amplify, to come and lay around on bolsters for 3 hours in various restorative yin poses… all the while, having beautiful, living hot stones from the pacific ocean placed in key relaxation points on your body. I was a participant in this event last year ~ but in this NOW, in this moment so pregnant with Divine Feminine Love, the opportunity to be in such intimate spaces with humans, in service to their well being, their letting go, their spoken and unspoken needs – it was a profound and powerful experience of care, tenderness and Love.

As I knelt over people holding their heads in my hands, massaging their 3rd eye with my thumbs, practicing hands on assists in various yoga poses and delicately placing hot stones on their bodies… I felt deep spaces of forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and surrender in my own heart, in my Soul – body, mind and spirit. It was as if there was a container formed between 2 humans in each instance – yet so much greater than either or both combined. I felt the fatigue, the weariness of each soul pass through my heart and in so doing, absorbing my own cumulative, ancient sorrow and grief into a tenderness that transformed us both. This happened again and again. I was reminded what a powerful catalyst service is and felt incredibly honored to be invited into such a pure space of intention, offering and love.

This ties in beautifully to what is showing up and communicating so adamantly as we are ushered into this final Solstice Gateway of 2017; December 21st -25th. Heart energy is front and center with this passage – because your heart, Divine Human essence, is the conduit for the Cosmic Mother energies. As this Divine Feminine energy anchors ~ it serves to simultaneously bring up grief or heartbreak for deep release, while providing the setting for truly special moments of connection, of healing (perhaps with people you never thought you would have such a healing with), of tenderness and a profound sense of wonder at just how intelligent and all encompassing love is! However you have been doing and handling the depth of change in your lives, in your being and in our world over the past several years… the grief of so much loss, misunderstanding, misdirection, misguided choices and decisions, of trying and toiling and laboring without a tangible sense of true fulfillment – this grief has been quite strong. But we are in a place now where we can and are willing to see things differently.

There is not one on this planet at this time who came to step into the rhythm and direction of the past. On a soul level, this humanity understands that we are here to be a part of the transition to something very different, very new, very expansive and quite evolved from the grooves and agreements of our collective history. Eckhart Tolle visualized A New Earth in 2005 ~ the Shining Ones conceptualized The New Human in response, in 2007 – we elected the first Black President in 2008 – with each of these vibrational pulses (all related) I have seen the quiet strength of unwavering, not to be deterred change in the trajectory of existence on this Earth Star. Every instance and event since then, great and small, NO EXCEPTION, has been clearing the path toward very real, ALMIGHTY CHANGE for our planet and world. Change that is inviting you in with a Mother’s love, softening the resistance of protection and fear, with the peace of feeling wholly safe and loved.

Rewrite Rewrite Rewrite! from a subatomic, cellular, deep and ancient level. There is an energy, an intelligence, a wisdom working directly with YOU – as if there were no other. It is that important that you give yourself to whatever it is that needs clearing out. Remember, FEAR energy creates division and separation and contraction. Take this seriously. 2018 initiates a whole new level of trajectory. Tribes, lightworkers, spiritually minded beings are being galvanized and grounded right now for the next 4 + years on the planet which will be ON in a big way and like nothing we have ever experienced before. The true ascension energy that is here today will keep aligning you with self revelation that will deepen your desire to take care of your old programs while inspiring you to become more and more generous with others. Moving into the heart, heart consciousness, becoming an integral part of the Human Heart Grid now… you will find yourself saying YES and opening to more. Heart wisdom moves us away from emotion and into generosity, the essence of spirit. You will feel this energy in abundance in the current New Human transmission, so take time to marinate yourself in the essence and invitation of this webcast. We discussed the seven sacred weeks we are in the midst of now that are inviting each of us into a very personal journey to prepare our heart for the Cosmic Christ activation underway. This passage will forever change our heart centers to reflect the changes in the Sun and Gaia. Your Solar Heart is Key. This new Light will be felt on a deeply personal level, according to your intentions and trajectory for your Ascension. ALL IS FORGIVEN.

If you are needing to jump start your relationship with wonder right now, it “just so happens” there is a movie out that has it in spades. Wonder reminds us that we were born to stand out and shine, not fit in and disappear to our own unlimited potential and unique gifts. All things being purposeful and ALL things ultimately being LOVE – this movie and its message dances within the cascades of light and the nuances of a world desperately trying to find its way back to Eden. “Who do you aspire to be” the movie asks… as does the new story we are currently writing on what it means to live and breathe and create and unite in the Golden Age of being Divine HUman on a planet the whole universe is intently observing. Perhaps the most evocative and meaningful line in the whole movie is this: “Oh Earth, you are too wonderful for anyone to recognize you.” Indeed, we are only just waking up to this mysterious, living being that is destined to achieve crystalline status. As we enter the Solstice Gateway tomorrow ~ our Solar System will hit a trigger point of consciousness shifting space in the galaxy. By the first week of January, the entire Solar System will drop/lock into its destination, initiating a series of shifts in solar plasma, and electro-magentic shifts in the SUN, Gaia, and the hearts of first embodiers of the Solar Cosmic Christ.

The Winter Solstice (Thursday 12/21, 11:28am eastern) initiates the shortest day and longest night of the year. A beautiful passage, this is an opportunity to befriend the darkness, make peace with the darkness and to deepen your relationship with the Mystery that is life. With the Solstice energy, we are all being given the opportunity to take a peek at what is happening on a heart and soul level. In your deepest knowing, you understand anything and anyone that pulls you away from unity as something not yet healed or forgiven within. We are creatures of the Light, of Oneness ~ our deepest nature and yearning is toward harmony, complete and utter wholeness within and without. I invite you to create a candlelight vigil, in the name of peace, on the Winter Solstice. Light a candle or two or many… place it in your home, on an alter, perhaps a welcome display of candles on your doorstep or a labyrinth of light in your yard or an open space in nature. Come to this vigil as one, or invite those you love, your neighbors, your light community. As you light each candle, invite the Mother in, the realms of Light, your beloved guides, your truest Self, Cosmic Divine Being and send a vision of Unity into the world while offering anything that keeps your person in separation. Imagine each candle that you light to be the candle of another in your human family – intending to share your light and spread your light and in so doing – expand the light in our world, unconditionally.

In the current New Human Transmission, Showing Up, Embracing Divine Destiny (https://deannehampton.com/webcast/new-webcast-showing-up-embracing-divine-destiny/) I shared many recommendations for this Divine passage to support your Upgrades. A good measure of your Divine Human participation is the level of harmony and Truth you are abiding in. I keep “showing up” to ordinary places in this now, only to find magic and divine providence waiting, as if the Mother, herself, is holding a vigil for me and my becoming. Whether in a random yoga class, a community gathering, out in nature or in my daily meditations… I feel this profound presence of love, this maternal rewrite of my consciousness just envelop the whole of my being ~ past, present and future aspects ~ in the warmth of Creation. I feel “Her” enter in – and I AM no longer separate, no longer alone. This is the experience of absolutely pure diamond-crystalline-photonic frequencies. Drink them in, let the bliss rewrite your consciousness. BEING ON THE EARTH – with the earth, in deep appreciation for and harmony with the Earth allows the new light of Gaia’s upgrades to register on your cellular structure and lightbody. Connect with the SUN as often as possible – you are a conduit between the SUN and Gaia. Bring the Sun into your heart and radiate that brilliance back out with the intention of service and Divine Human experience. My whole body vibrates with bliss when I do this, the codes are very stimulating to crystalline DNA. I understand absolutely that as I explore and discover within Gaia’s mystery – I explore and discover more or my Self, my true, pure and infinite being.

As I write this – I AM dropping deeper and deeper into the strangeness of it all. I woke up today with a weird energy around my heart. Not exactly comfortable, physically or mentally. I have remained focus on WHO I AM and what matters most to me… whole being transformation in service to this Light. I AM NOT afraid. I feel clear and free of the past, both my personal and the collective past of a species. I feel centered in the intention of this Light, the Holy Mother, the Love of the Universe and the Source of All Creation. I feel complete. I feel deep, deep gratitude and an even deeper surrender. My thoughts were very much with my heart and its needs, not from fear ~ but from the strong wanting to be free, liberated from the sorrow of this plane. I went into meditation and found peace… but the “discomfort” was even stronger when I was done. Breathe. Every time I took deep breaths, I felt this kinda pins and needles radius of awareness all around my heart. Breathe. It came to me to hook my shoulder and chest up to a portable hand massager. This cool little multifunction device offers Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to tired and sore muscles. It was interesting guidance – to add electrical impulses to what already felt like very unsettled electrical firings around my heart. I have had it on the entire time I have been sitting in this space – streaming light intel – connecting with you.

My body has now surrendered its tension, its uncertainty around this new Solar Christed activity. I feel grateful for my soul’s relationship to TRUST and the willingness to rewrite my relationship to separation and dis-ease. Tomorrow I will work with my crystals and take time to connect with the greater and vast interdimensional crystals; many of these off-planet crystals will be activated with this solar-system-wide shift. Know that your crystals can assist in activating the Pure Source-level templates for this next phase. As you feel this pressure, this new electrical energy in your physical form, image energy flowing down and IN from either side, masculine and feminine harmony – deep into the sacral and root chakra. This energy is firey, unsettled, creatively chaotic – see oranges, yellows and reds.

Once it hits/grounds into the pelvic floor – it transforms into a brilliant fountain of emerald green, magenta and diamond/crystalline/platinum frequencies, reversing the incoming action, sending rays of new light, new activity, new consciousness and Unity up your central column, out of your crown, joining in the new dance of creation. This activity is happening ongoing. We worked with these rays in the current webcast – the Diamond/Platinum/Crystalline Rays are the Pure Ascension frequencies for Unity/Crystalline/Christ Consciousness. Platinum has an effective clearing and protective function. Diamond and Crystalline Light stimulate the torus fields, DNA, and assist in opening the Ascension column for multidimensional awareness. The recent aurora swirls over Norway come to mind – oh that we would just LET GO into Love and be unconditional messengers of this PEACE. (photo by Tommy Eliassen)

2018 is a 2 year, vibrating the energy of 2. Two is Divine Purpose and Soul Mission. Are you ready for that mission? What are you willing to step into – and what are you willing to surrender on behalf of this mission? Remember the woodpeckers that joyfully and abundantly joined the show… OPPORTUNITY IS HERE – it is time to shine in your unique mission. The small self becomes VAST in its mastery ~

“Oh Earth, you are too wonderful for anyone to recognize you.”

and the Earth, Cosmic Mother replies:

“Oh Divine, NEW Human, you are too wonderful for anyone to recognize you.”   

Stay tuned here – there is a lot happening everyday, May we shine with the love of Creation and dare to step into this moment – our finest hour – the Golden Age of Being Divine Human.

I AM so very grateful for YOU, each and every One.
May we continue to transcend our differences
remembering there is but One Life, One Source, One Creation and One Love.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Always in my heart…
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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4 comments on “Wonder And Almighty Change
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful you! Every word spoke to my heart. Happy Solstice indeed!! ❤️????????

  2. Kimbrewmeistress says:

    Thank you Deanne for this timely profound wisdom. You put into words all my confusing thoughts and emotions. No one says it better. I’m very grateful.

    • DeAnne says:

      I see and hear and feel and know you… as you see and hear and feel and know me. We are ONE remembering here – this is a full circle moment. ಌ ????

  3. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    You amaze me with you ability to express yourself. Thanks for sharing.
    I intend to see that movie-eventually.



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